Finland: school shooting leaves one child dead and two injured


At least one 12-year-old child died and two were seriously injured in the shooting that took place this Tuesday (2) at a school in Vantaa, which ended with the arrest of a suspect, also a minor, Finnish police reported.

“Today, after 9am (local time), a shooting occurred at the Viertola primary school in Vantaa [ao norte da capital, Helsinque], during which a sixth-grader at the school died. Two children were seriously injured,” police official Ilkka Koskimäki said in an interview.

The motivation for the shots fired by the young man is not yet known.

The police were called to the scene and reported that three were injured and that the suspect, also a minor, had been detained.

Authorities asked residents of the region not to open their doors to strangers and to stay away from the school area.

The educational establishment where the shooting occurred is a primary school, attended daily by around 800 students and where 90 people work.

Vantaa’s Deputy Director of Education and Training, Katri Kalske, reported that a crisis cabinet has already been convened. She added that any update on the incident is the responsibility of the police, as reported by Finnish channel Yle.

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