Former Flamengo player, Willians has been sentenced to prison for a debt of R$700,000; Understand the case!

Former Flamengo player, Willians has been sentenced to prison for a debt of R$700,000; Understand the case!
Former Flamengo player, Willians has been sentenced to prison for a debt of R$700,000; Understand the case!

Remember him? Ex-Mengão is in the ‘worst’

Brazilian champion for Flamengo in 2009 under the command of coach Andrade, the midfielder Williams lives in a completely different situation today. The Record TV report said that the former red-black man had his arrest ordered.

© AGIFFormer Flamengo, Willians became the cover of TV this Monday due to his arrest ordered by the Court

Willians, now 38 years old, is considered a fugitive by the courts for non-payment of child support to the mother of his first daughter. The value reaches R$700 thousandwhich is why the request for immediate detention was carried out by his ex-spouse.

He lives in Portugal with his wife and second daughter, and is also responsible for emotional abandonment. Willians’ defense acknowledged the debt, but disputed the amounts, in response to Record TV.

The former midfielder would be awaiting late payments on debts from one of the clubs he defended to pay off the amount. In addition to Flamengo, Willians played for Internacional, Cruzeiro, Corinthians and also for Udinese, in Italy.

Remarkable passage through Ninho do Urubu

Willians’ story at Flamengo began at the end of 2008. That season, the midfielder, then 22 years old, was one of the main highlights of Santos André, who would move up to the Brasileirão Série A.

Mengão announced his signing in January 2009 and the athlete has already started the season in the Campeonato Carioca. It was at the end of the year, however, that the steering wheel would be the protagonist. In a historic sprint, the team would become Brazilian champions.

Can Willians be considered a Flamengo idol?

Can Willians be considered a Flamengo idol?


Willians was part of the cast with Adriano Imperador, PetkovicLéo Moura, Ronaldo Angelim and company who took an advantage of more than 10 from Palmeiras, who was in the lead, and continued on their way to the title.

The player would finish the Brasileirão Série A 2009 as the leader in tackles. In an interview with Globo Esporte in 2021, Willians recalled the magical period in his career as a player.

Review of his football career

In addition to the Brasileirão Série A title, the midfielder, revealed at Santos’ base, was two-time Rio champion with Mengão, in 2009 and 2011. He was considered the third best midfielder in the 2009 and 2010 Brasileirão.

“I went to Flamengo, Cuca called me. For the work I did in 2008, I was one of the best hires. In 2009 I took over as head coach and never left. I won the Brazilian Championship, Rio titles, played three Libertadores. It stayed in my history. It was four years of achievements”, recalled the former steering wheel.

After four years at Mais Querido, Willians was sold to Udinese at the beginning of 2012 for 3 million euros (R$7.5 million at current prices). At the time, the CRF would maintain 35% of the athlete’s economic rights.

In Italy, the midfielder had the opportunity to face and interact with several stars, such as Di Natale, one of Udinese’s greatest idols to this day. After returning to Brazil, he still played for clubs such as Goiás, CRB and Castanhal, from Pará, the last of his career.

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