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Man arrested for destroying watch is silent in testimony to the PF

Man arrested for destroying watch is silent in testimony to the PF
Man arrested for destroying watch is silent in testimony to the PF

Antônio Cláudio Alves Ferreira, 30, remained silent during a statement to the Federal Police last night (24) in Uberlândia (MG). He was arrested in the city of Minas Gerais and taken to a PF station. From there, he was transferred to the Professor Jacy De Assis prison, where he spent the night.

The PF reported that he is being investigated for the crimes of:

  • violent abolition of the democratic rule of law;
  • coup d’etat;
  • qualified damage;
  • criminal association;
  • incitement to crime;
  • destruction and deterioration or destruction of specially protected property.

According to the police, there was no resistance at the time of arrest and Ferreira should be transferred to Brasília, where he is the target of Operation Lesa Pátria. Minister Alexandre de Moraes is in charge of the investigations that are running in the Federal Supreme Court.

This Tuesday morning, the PF carried out a search and seizure operation at Antônio Ferreira’s house in Catalão (GO), 250 km from Goiânia. According to the corporation, they were seized at his house: a cell phone; a vehicle and a notebook containing notes.

Who is the scammer

Supporter of former president Jair Bolsonaro (PL), the man was filmed by the internal circuit of the Planalto Palace, in Brasília, on January 8, knocking over the 17th century Balthazar Martinot clock, a gift from the French court to Dom João 6th. He wore a T-shirt emblazoned with the former president’s photo.

The Goiás Civil Police confirmed Ferreira’s identity last Sunday, when he was considered a fugitive.

The Bolsonarist has two other lawsuits in court: threat, in 2014, and drug trafficking, in 2017. According to the Goiás Civil Police, the cases are archived, as Antônio Ferreira has already served his sentences.

Clock destroyed by bolsonarista

Image: Reproduction

Historical and symbolic value

The destroyed grandfather clock is attributed to the famous French watchmaker Balthazar Martinot. Although Martinot produced several pieces for the French court, only two examples have withstood the test of time — one of them is the one that was brought to Brazil in 1808. The other is kept in the Palace of Versailles, in Paris.

According to the Director of Curatorship of the Presidential Palaces, Rogério Carvalho, the material value of the destroyed clock is enormous, but its historical and symbolic value is even greater. According to Carvalho, it is possible to restore the piece, but the effectiveness of the service is uncertain.

who was arrested

On Friday (20), Moraes kept 946 coup plotters preventively arrested in the prisons of Papuda and Colmeia. Another 464 people obtained provisional release and must comply with precautionary measures such as the use of electronic anklets.

Moraes is at the forefront of the investigations that are running in the STF about the January 8 coup act. In one of them, the Court investigates the alleged responsibilities of public agents in facilitating Bolsonarist vandalism. Among them, Anderson Torres, former Secretary of Public Security for the Federal District; and Ibaneis Rocha (MDB), former governor of the DF.

damages and losses

The AGU (Attorney General of the Union) today asked the Federal Court of the Federal District to block the assets of 40 people arrested in flagrante delicto during the attacks on January 8.

This is the agency’s second action against those involved in the coup acts — the first, presented on the last 12th, involved 52 people and seven companies suspected of financing the radicals’ trip to Brasília. Now, the folder targets attackers.

Last week, the AGU raised, to R$ 18.5 million, the request to block the assets of the financiers of the January 8 coup act. The initial amount requested from the 8th Federal Court of Brasília was R$ 6.5 million.

All the money will be set aside to fund the restoration of the Palácio do Planalto, the National Congress and the Federal Supreme Court buildings.

According to the latest AGU report, the renovation cost could reach R$ 18 million. The bill, however, does not include the restoration of damaged works of art and gifts from heads of state.

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