Andreas Kisser opens up about Eloy Casagrande’s departure from Sepultura


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After two communiqués published by Eloy Casagrande and the Gravethe guitarist Andreas Kisser spoke in an interview for the first time about the drummer’s departure from the band – and confirmed that things were not on the best terms.

Eloy left the giant Brazilian metal group in February, just weeks before the start of their long tour Celebrating Life Through Deathwhich will end the band’s trajectory while celebrating 40 years of career.

At the time, Sepultura said that they were caught “by surprise and without prior warning”, and the famous drummer acknowledged that his decision “may not make sense” at first, but said that it was necessary “thinking about new cycles that will come ”.

Andreas Kisser talks about Eloy leaving Sepultura

Now, in an interview with Transamerica RadioAndreas Kisser was full of praise for Casagrande’s talent, but said that his way of dealing with the situation was “weird” and that his departure affected the tour planning (via Igor Miranda):

We already knew that Eloy is a phenomenal musician, probably the best drummer on the scene. You see veteran ‘drummers’ being impressed when they see him play. He has a really fantastic technique. We knew there could be a possibility of him having another proposal. But the way he chose to do things was very strange.

Two days before he gave us the news, we were organizing the setlist, doing the big screen thing, the details, how it will be, how it will work, what song will play, what will look like, etc. And suddenly, he decided to do it. I’m not going to judge, because it’s beside the point.

Is Eloy Casagrande joining Slipknot?

Fans’ main bet is that Eloy Casagrande left Sepultura to join Slipknotanother legendary Nu Metal band that fired their drummer Jay Weinberg last year, but has not yet announced a replacement.

The group led by Corey Taylor has high expectations for 2024, the year in which he will celebrate the 25th anniversary of his self-titled debut album.

But Andreas Kisser told Transamerica Radio I don’t know if this was the reason for Eloy’s departure. According to the guitarist, “this is his responsibility”, and Sepultura has already occupied the position with the American Greyson Nekrutman:

We already announced that he left. Now he is the one who will announce what he is going to do, it is his responsibility. But we have a phenomenal drummer — one more.

We hope that all the characters involved get along and have great tours this year!

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