K-pop on BBB? Understand the presence of BTS, EXO and others!

K-pop on BBB? Understand the presence of BTS, EXO and others!
K-pop on BBB? Understand the presence of BTS, EXO and others!

MC Bin Laden He even needs to change his stage name, something he has already revealed is a desire. The “weight” of the name (a reference to the late Saudi terrorist Osama Bin Laden) increasingly contrasts with his manner – except in moments of Sincerão and Sincerinho…

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In this way, always surprising, the funk player constantly shows his sweetness. Especially when he talks about one of his musical tastes, K-pop.

Fan of the Korean musical genre that has become a phenomenon around the world, Bin has commented on the subject since the beginning of BBB. BTS, EXO, blackpink It is Stray Kids for example, they are his brother’s favorites and he said that he recorded videos reacting to the bands’ songs.

Recently, Bin he said that the day becomes “mec” (Rio slang that means expressions such as “it’s ok”, “tranquilo” and “it’s cool”) just by listening to a K-pop song.

Moments when Bin praised K-pop on BBB

The funk player, who even has a tattoo of EXO no arm, one of the biggest groups of the genre, had already declared that they usually listen to the songs of BTS right after waking up. He highlighted that they brought back good times to his memory.

“I was ecstatic, because I remembered a lot of stuff, some reactions I did. I was happy. I played this song (by BTS) every day to wake up”, he said, in conversation with Lucas Buda, when remembering the playlist played at one of the parties at BBB,

On another occasion, MC Bin Laden stated that he was very upset because, in 2022, the BTS was not a Grammy winner. Currently, the Korean group is on hiatus because its members are completing mandatory military service.

“At the Grammys they were competing for, they broke the record for everything in music, and still didn’t win anything,” said the brother.

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