Anderson Leonardo, from Molejo, has improved his health; find out how he is

Anderson Leonardo, from Molejo, has improved his health; find out how he is
Anderson Leonardo, from Molejo, has improved his health; find out how he is

Hospitalized a week ago, singer Anderson Leonardo, from Molejo, has been showing clinical and laboratory improvement. This Tuesday (2), the artist’s advisor reported to Itatiaia that he underwent tests and is now awaiting the results. O The group’s lead singer treats an infectious condition with intravenous antibiotics.

“The patient is awake, breathing room air and eating orally”, highlights the most recent medical bulletin signed by the director of the hospital where he is admitted, Luiz Fernando Nogueira Simvoulidis.

Initially, according to the musician’s advice, Anderson had an improvement in his infectious condition, but it is necessary to wait for the test results.

Anderson Health

In October 2022, Anderson Leonardo reported that he was diagnosed with cancer in the inguinal region and, in January 2023, he said he was cured. In May of that year, the artist was diagnosed again with cancer in this area and has been undergoing treatment ever since. The inguinal region is in the groin, where the end of the belly meets the beginning of the thigh.

On February 27, the singer was admitted to a private hospital in Rio de Janeiro, where he underwent immunotherapy and received medication for pain.

On March 13th, the Molejo singer went through a procedure for hypogastric nerve plexus block for pain.

On the 19th of the same month, the artist was discharged after 21 days in hospital. After leaving the place, he recorded in the studio and appeared happily in videos on social media. However, on Sunday (24), five days after his medical discharge, he was taken to the hospital again. According to the artist’s advisor, Anderson needs “prayers”.

Understand more about the inguinal cancer here.

Shows continue

The Molejo band’s shows continue and, even without Anderson, the performances feature his “little finger”. “We continued doing shows, he watched some things and talked about them. ‘Wow, guys! You can improve on this, do it like this, it’s cool, it’s cool’. And always in a good mood,” he commented. Andrezinho during the “Encontro” program.

“He wants to fight, wants to live. We are all together with him, friends and family, in this chain so that everything works out”, he continues.

Andrezinho also reports that, when Anderson receives visitors, he doesn’t want to “let anyone go”.

“He wants to talk, talk about music, which is his life. How he sees us, he talks about the shows, that his business is the stage, the studio. He also tells us that we can’t stop, that we have to keep going.”

“We need to help him in this way too. As we continue to do the work, we are also helping him and ensuring that Molejo continues working and giving him strength. At every show, a lot of people come close to us to send positivity to Anderson”, he recalls.

“So it’s been great to be able to pass this on to him”, concludes Andrezinho.

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