Mercury retrograde, eclipse and more: see what will happen in the sky in April

Mercury retrograde, eclipse and more: see what will happen in the sky in April
Mercury retrograde, eclipse and more: see what will happen in the sky in April

April is coming with everything! If you doubt it, then imagine that almost the entire month will be with Mercury retrograde and we still have a powerful Solar Eclipse, both in the most impulsive and energetic sign of the zodiac: Aries.

These are two important astrological movements, but the Astros have much more! That’s why we created a calendar with all the dates in April, so you can prepare and, who knows, overcome some challenges.

But remember that each person will feel the movements differently, depending on their Map. Therefore, to have predictions for your life, see the Personalized Horoscope here.

Astrological movements in the April sky

April 1st – Mercury retrograde

Starting with the famous Mercury retrograde in Aries, which runs until April 25th. Yes, almost a whole month under this vibe that calls for calm in actions and words, because the atmosphere can get a little tense. But hey, not everything is a storm. This period is perfect to review your life choices, move what was stuck and embrace those unique qualities that only you have.

April 3 – Venus conjunction Neptune

It’s magic! Yes, get ready for one of those magical moments! Venus and Neptune will be close together. As if it were a warm hug for the heart and soul, bringing love, connection and luck that shines brighter than glitter at a music festival.

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April 5th – Venus in Aries

From the 5th onwards, relationships require more attitude, so let’s take the first step, whether in love or in business. Venus in Aries is for those who are not afraid to go after what they want. But hey, speed is the key word, so don’t sleep on the spot. See Venus in Aries tips here for singles and committed people!

April 8 – New Moon and solar eclipse in Aries

Eclipses always come and double. So, after the Lunar in Libra on 3/24, we now have a Solar in Aries! Take note: it will be one of the most important moments of the year, preparing us for a lot of transformations. If you were waiting for a signal to change, consider this a very loud siren. See here the eclipse predictions in your life!

April 10 – Mars conjunction Saturn

On the 10th, Mars and Saturn come together to talk about the importance of not giving up. It’s time to learn to balance impulsivity with a good strategy. That lesson that, sometimes, taking it slow makes us go further.

April 19 – Sun in Taurus

After a turbulent Arian season, the Sun enters Taurus, and we can breathe a sigh of relief. It’s time to start turning everything we’ve been planning into reality. Even though Mercury is still in the mood to make us review everything a thousand times, we can already feel that things are going to start to flow.

April 20 – Jupiter-Uranus Conjunction

Jupiter and Uranus promise to shake the structures. If there’s something in your life calling for a revolution, this is the moment. The changes that this meeting promises are those that leave no stone unturned. See the predictions for your sign here!

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April 21 – Sun square Pluto

Sun and Pluto will measure forces, bringing issues of power and transformation to the surface. It’s time to face and transmute those shadows that we sometimes prefer to ignore. But hey, after the storm comes the calm, and this is the chance to rise from the ashes, stronger and renewed.

April 29th and 30th – Venus in Taurus and Mars in Aries

And to close, Venus enters Taurus and Mars in Aries, bringing energy and productivity from above. If you needed that little push to roll up your sleeves and make it happen, you can thank the universe, because now is the time.

So, write it down, prepare your heart and let’s enjoy the April vibes to grow, change and, of course, have fun in the process!

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