Fred says that politically incorrect jokes upset him at Raimundos

Fred says that politically incorrect jokes upset him at Raimundos
Fred says that politically incorrect jokes upset him at Raimundos

Raimundos has never been and will never be the most politically correct band in Brazil and in the 1990s the banter was constant both in the lyrics of the songs and among the members. In an interview with Corredor 5, Fred Castro, the band’s former drummer, told how this atmosphere of mockery often bothered him, as everything he did was considered “faggot stuff”.

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“Rodolfo knew me well, but he picked on me. During the pandemic, I heard for the first time one of them saying that they loved the other. In my time, I once insinuated telling Rodolfo that I loved him as a friend. I don’t have a male brother. I had this feeling. Everything I said about love and relationships was answered like this: ‘Fred is a fag’ [risos]. Every time!

Everything was faggot. It was a pain, the biggest fight I had with them was that. I have a lot of friends from many religions and everything. Once, I took a bus to meet Rodolfo in Ipanema. But the bus was going back through Leblon. There was a fight at the time between the two neighborhoods. When he passed by Ataulfo ​​de Paiva, the people from Leblon invaded to beat up the people from Ipanema. I was in there and I hate fighting.


I managed to get off the bus and arrived at Rodolfo’s ex-wife’s sister’s house. His mother-in-law was there. I breathlessly said that I got out of the fight. She looked and said: ‘This guy is a faggot!’ [risos]. I could take a beating! This armed idea that people have of having to classify. And if I were, what’s the problem?”

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