Caramel mongrel goes beyond limits and is caught singing the anthem with school children

Caramel mongrel goes beyond limits and is caught singing the anthem with school children
Caramel mongrel goes beyond limits and is caught singing the anthem with school children

Do you know how to sing the national anthem? In Argentina, there is a certain someone who not only knows the country’s anthem, but also interprets it very well: himself, the caramel mongrel.

The super friendly dog ​​called Gaspar, or as he is affectionately known among children, ‘Floquinho’, showed that dogs can also show love for their country, hahaha.

The scene took place at Colégio San Jose, where children were gathered to sing the national anthem.

While the little students were in posture, the caramel decided to join the ceremony by howling in full tune with the music.

The caramel stray dog ​​’singing’ the hymn. (Photo: Instagram/@roxanastarek)

The children and school staff, far from being offended by the interruption, could not contain their laughter.

The moment was recorded and shared on social media by animal activist, Roxana Starek.

In the caption, she thanked the College for including Gaspar as an honorary member of the school.

In a short time, the video reached more than 3.1 million views and thousands of likes and comments.

Watch here:

“What love, look at the puppy’s happy face to be with his school friends”, observed one internet user.

Many spectators expressed their admiration for the school welcoming the little “patriot”.

“All schools should adopt pets so that children’s education begins with example and love for animals,” wrote one user, reflecting on the positive impact of the presence of animals in educational institutions.

In fact, having animals in the school environment brings countless benefits to children. Check it out below.

Benefits of having pets in schools

An article published on the website of Western Governors University (WGU), in the United States, listed some of the benefits that pets can offer to the school environment.

A pet is a great stimulus for learning, as teachers can expand their approaches and, consequently, spark interest in children.

“A regular math lesson can turn into a unique learning opportunity when the problem focuses on how much food your pet eats per day or how much it weighs,” says excerpt.

Additionally, a pet can help teachers teach lessons about responsibility and care.

“Class pets need to be cared for, fed daily, given fresh water, cleaned, and more.”

Having a pet at school can also be therapeutic. Some research indicates that the presence of a pet can reduce stress and anxiety, and also regulate breathing and heart rate.

See also this video:

The case of the cat who performed a ‘heart test’ on her owner and more news in Jornalzinho Amo Meu Pet

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