Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow – Cruella’s Craig Gillespie will direct the film


Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow is taking shape!

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the film Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow has just found its director. Craig Gillespie, responsible for commanding Cruellais finalizing the final details before taking on the role in the highly anticipated film DC Comics.

In addition to the acclaimed live-action Cruella, Gillespie also directed I, Tonyastarring Margot Robbie, Scary Hour and, more recently, Easy money.

Craig Gillespie

Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrowwill be starred by Milly Alcock (Dragon House), being an adaptation of the praised comic written by Tom King and with Brazilian art Bilquis Evely. In the plot we follow Kara Zor-El, the cousin of Super man, on a space adventure as you hunt a killer across the far reaches of the galaxy. The story presents very dramatic moments, showing another side of the character that shone in the Arrowverse with the series Supergirl.

When describing the project, still in 2023, James Gunn said:

“[Em Supergirl: Mulher do Amanhã] we’ll see the difference between Superman, who was sent to Earth and was raised by loving parents since he was a child, and Supergirl, who was raised on a piece of Krypton, who saw everyone around her die or be killed in a in terrible ways in the first 14 years of her life — and only then was she sent to Earth.”

Excited for the film?

Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow There is no release date yet.

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