‘Madame Teia’ almost featured Tom Holland’s Spider-Man; Check out the arts!


The Spider-Man of Tom Holland almost had a cameo in ‘Madame Web’the most recent adaptation of the comics Marvel in partnership with the Sony Pictures.

The information was revealed by Sebastian Meyerthe concept artist behind the visuals for the film starring Dakota Johnson (’50 Shades of Grey’) and Sydnew Sweeney (‘Everyone But You’).

In your portfolio, Meyer published some arts that show the hero fighting the villain Ezekiel Sims (Tahar Rahim) on top of a skyscraper.

As the scene was not included in the film, now we can only wait to find out why the Sony ruled out the fight between the characters.

Check out the arts:

Budgeted in US$80 million, The film was a box office failure, grossing only US$99.7 million worldwide (via Box Office Mojo).

Furthermore, it registered a meager 12% approval of critics in Rotten Tomatoes.

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Our journalist Janda Montenegro also had the opportunity to interview Johnsonwho commented on the film and which heroes and villains she wants to fight in the next iterations.

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Review | Madame Teia – Dakota Johnson in an Afternoon Session adventure that seems straight out of the 90s

In the plot, Johnson plays Cassandra Webb, a paramedic who begins to have visions of the future, weaving webs that connect the destinies of several characters.

‘Madame Teia’ highlights Dakota Johnson as the main heroine, alongside Julia Carpenter (Sydney Sweeney), Anya Corazon (Isabela Merced) and Mattie Franklin (Celeste O’Connor).

Meanwhile, in another universe… Madame Web tells the story of the solo film of the origin story of one of Marvel’s most enigmatic heroines. The thriller star Dakota Johnson as Cassandra Webb, a paramedic in Manhattan who may have clairvoyant abilities. Forced to confront revelations about her past, she forges a relationship with three young women destined for powerful futures…if they can survive the threatening present.

The cast is made up of Isabella Merced, Sydney Sweeney, Celeste O’Connor, Emma Roberts, Tahar Rahim, Mike Epps, Adam Scott It is Zosia Mamet.

SJ Clarkson driving while Burk Sharpless It is Matt Sazama sign the script.

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