Stomach 2, sequel to the 2007 film, gets new trailer and release date

Stomach 2, sequel to the 2007 film, gets new trailer and release date
Stomach 2, sequel to the 2007 film, gets new trailer and release date

Stomach 2: The Powerful Chef features the return of João Miguel as Raimundo Nonato and is scheduled to premiere in August

Paris Filmes released, this Wednesday (3), a new trailer for Stomach 2: The Mighty Chefawaited sequence of Stomacha 2007 hit, which shows what happened to Raymond Nonatoonce again alive by the actor João Miguel, fifteen years after the events of the first film. The distributor also revealed that the film is scheduled to hit theaters in August 15th.

In the story, the character became the chef of chefs in the prison, enchanting everyone with his culinary talent, from the prison director to the leader of the inmates, played by Paulo Miklos. However, a third boss, the Italian mafioso Dom Caroglio (Nicola Siri) – which is highlighted in the new preview -, arrives to compete for control of the prison, in addition to the privilege of being served by the prestigious chef.

Along the way, we discover how the peaceful son of the owner of a Brazilian restaurant in southern Italy became the powerful boss who, years later, would come to Brazil to challenge organized crime because of Nonato. Watch the trailer:

Stomach 2: The Mighty Chef counts on the return of Marcos Jorge in the direction. The filmmaker is still responsible for the script, along with Bernardo Rennó It is Lusa Silvestre. In addition to João Miguel, Paulo Miklos It is Nicola Sirithe new cast also includes Marco Zenni, Rodrigo Ferrarini, Fábio Silvestre, Guenia Lemos and special appearance by the rapper Project.

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