Shakira criticizes Barbie and the empowerment represented

Shakira criticizes Barbie and the empowerment represented
Shakira criticizes Barbie and the empowerment represented

Singer Shakira recently shared her impressions about the film “Barbie”, standing out as one of the critical voices regarding the impact of the feature film on the male audience. During an interview with Allure magazine, she expressed concerns about how the work was received by her children and discussed her vision of female empowerment that does not exclude the social value of men.

According to Shakira, her children did not have a good reception for the film “Barbie”, a 2023 production that became a box office phenomenon. “They felt it was emasculating. And I agree, to a certain extent,” said the singer, raising questions about female empowerment being addressed without devaluing men’s roles in society.

Why is Shakira’s opinion on the movie “Barbie” important?

The artist, mother of Milan and Sasha, the result of her relationship with former player Gerard Piqué, expressed her desire to raise children who respect women, but who also feel valued in their masculinity. For Shakira, pop culture has the potential to empower women without compromising male identity: “I like pop culture when it tries to empower women without taking away from men the possibility of being men, of also protecting and providing.”

Complementarity: a view on social roles

Shakira emphasizes the importance of complementarity between men and women in society. “I believe in giving women all the tools and the confidence that we can do everything without losing our essence, without losing our femininity”, she declares, indicating that men and women have complementary roles that must be valued and preserved.

The reaction on social media

Shakira’s statements about her vision of empowerment and the role of gender in the context of the film “Barbie” generated diverse reactions on social media, varying between support and criticism. The discussion raised by the singer highlights the current debate about how female empowerment is portrayed in the media and its influence on gender perceptions, especially among younger audiences.

  • Empowerment without exclusion: Shakira’s approach to female empowerment emphasizes valuing everyone in society, without excluding or minimizing the role of men.
    • Split reactions: Opinions on the singer’s statements are mixed, reflecting the diversity of perspectives on gender balance and empowerment.
    • Necessary debate: The discussion generated by her observations underscores the need for broader conversations about gender, mutual respect and representation in pop culture.

In conclusion, Shakira’s perspective on the film “Barbie” brings to light the crucial discussion about how empowerment can be approached in an inclusive way, valuing complementarity between men and women. Her vision highlights the importance of creating cultural content that promotes respect and mutual understanding between genders, without one being glorified to the detriment of the other.

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