10 Movie Tips where a shocking fact CHANGES the protagonist’s trajectory

10 Movie Tips where a shocking fact CHANGES the protagonist’s trajectory
10 Movie Tips where a shocking fact CHANGES the protagonist’s trajectory

One of the paths of a good character is one that is guided by uncertainties and changes of perspectives when faced with a heated clash with a strong conflict. Thinking about films that show us trajectories like this, below is a list of really cool titles where a shocking fact changes the protagonist’s trajectory:

Dry Herbs

In the plot, we follow a period in the life of art teacher Samet (Deniz Celiloglu), a man who arrived last year as a teacher in a distant village and is already planning new flights in one of Turkey’s largest cities. Disappointments about teaching, suspicions have always been a mark of his personality. One day, he and another teacher are accused of inappropriate contact with two students, a fact that changes their plans forever. When everything seemed very confused and lost, he approached Nuray (Merve Dizdar), a teacher from another school in the region, a woman who confronts him about his conformity, his accommodation of running away instead of facing, bringing new perspectives and remnants of hope.

Death Life and Luck

In the plot, we meet three friends who live together in the hottest Brazilian city looking for resources to put on a theater play. Buried by the demands of adult life but without giving up on their dreams, they end up reaching their limit and decide to carry out robberies to get money. This fact, of becoming criminals, will forever change their trajectories with the awareness of the acts committed little by little arriving with force.

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Maternal Instinct

In the plot, set in the 60s, we meet two friends, neighbors, practically inseparable: Celine (Anne Hathaway) and Alice (Jessica Chastain). When a tragedy happens, this relationship between the friends is completely shaken. Thus, throughout the days, between grief and guilt, in the field of assumptions, a series of suspicions find their way to the characters.

The Swamp King’s Daughter

In the plot, we meet Helena (Daisy Ridley), who in the past lived isolated alongside her father Jacob (Ben Mendelsohn) and mother Beth (Caren Pistorius) being raised wildly by the teachings of the first. One day, during her childhood, after running away with her mother, it is revealed to her that her father kept them captive for years. Time passes and Helena lives in the present day, married, with a daughter, but as if she doesn’t find a place to live in the midst of her intense traumas that return frequently. When her father manages to escape from prison, the nightmare appears in front of her again.


In the plot, we meet Luis Nunez (Santiago Sandoval), a young man who has just entered a military school in Mexico in search of stability and also military medical insurance to help his mother who is battling advanced diabetes. In the first few days, he is faced with abuse and embarrassing situations from his direct officer Eugenio Sierra (Fernando Cuautle) and embarks on a journey of no return with conflicts that follow.

I like blood

In the plot, we meet Marty (Dan Hedaya), the owner of a bar in Texas who discovers his wife Abby’s betrayal (Frances McDormand) with Ray (John Getz), an employee of the establishment. Taken by hatred, he hires an unscrupulous detective (M. Emmet Walsh) to kill his wife and lover. But a series of situations begin to happen, with erroneous truths imposed by assumptions.

Olfa’s Four Daughters

Over the course of 107 minutes of screening, we follow glimpses into the lives of Olfa and her daughters. From childhood, the girls’ growth, their experience during the period of the well-known Jasmine Revolution to the radicalization and disappearance of two of them that ends up bringing endless pain and suffering. Reliving everything they went through is transported to the screen, with reenactments of moments of the two daughters who remained and two actresses replacing those who left. Memories mix with uncertainties that last to this day.

Infinite Storm

In the plot, we meet Pam (Naomi Watts) a nurse in her 50s with a huge trauma in her past who lives her days alone in a cold and mountainous region. She is part of the Pemigewasset Valley Search and Rescue Team, which also covers Mount Washington in New Hampshire. One day, despite knowing the weather conditions, with a storm coming, she decides to go to the mountains. Along the way, she encounters a lost young man who seems bewildered and out of his mind. Fighting against time, Pam will need to use all her skills to quickly descend the mountain and help the young man she found.

The Line

In the plot, we meet Margaret (Stephanie Blanchoud), a young woman who lives through informal work in the community where she lives and with a recent past linked to music. One day, she becomes the author of a violent attack against her mother Christina (Valeria Bruni Tedeschi) who is sentenced by the justice authorities to stay at least 100 meters away from her for a few months. From this, a series of family conflicts take over the history of this family with completely emotionally unstable members needing to live with the situation imposed by destiny.

A good person

In the plot, we follow Allison (Florence Pugh) a 26-year-old, radiant woman who is at a very happy moment in her life, about to marry the great love of her life. But one day, a tragedy happens, causing her life to change completely. Trying to move on, months after the incident, her fate once again intersects with that of her ex-father-in-law, Daniel (Morgan Freeman), a former police officer and also a former alcoholic. Both will need to understand each other and seek understanding to heal wounds from the past.

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