The 4 Best Movies Coming This Week on Netflix

Algorithms hardly let all Netflix content show up for you. According to artificial intelligence, what is offered to you is what most resembles your profile and tastes. So even if you try a deeper search, you’ll probably get the same suggestions every time. Revista Bula has numerous lists that will help you to see beyond the recommendations that the system offers. Also, we tell you which novelties will enter the catalog. In this list, we show you which will be the premieres of the week so you can stay tuned in which ones you don’t want to miss. Check the selection. Highlights for “Athena”, from 2022 by Romain Gavras; and “Lou”, from 2022, by Anna Foerster. The titles will soon be on Netflix, they do not follow classification criteria and are organized according to the year of release.

Athena (2022), Romain Gavras

Kourtrajmeuf Kourtrajme / Netflix

A young man of Arab origin from the Athena ghetto in France dies under unknown circumstances. Believing him to have been killed by police, three brothers lead their community’s revolt against the authorities seeking revenge. As her older brother, Abdel, who is in the military, struggles to calm rising tensions, the situation escalates and Athena is besieged. A civil war against police begins and the brothers are at the center of it.

Lou (2022), Anna Foerster

Liane Hentscher / Netflix

Lou has a mysterious violent past that he thinks he’s left behind. But when her neighbor’s daughter is kidnapped, the woman appears desperate and asks for help. As a massive storm looms, the two women risk their lives on a rescue mission that will test their limits and expose dark and shocking secrets from the past.

The Jazz Man (2022), Tyler Perry

Jace Downs / Netflix

Bayou and Leanne form a young black couple in love in the Deep South of the United States during the 1940s. The film follows their stories over a few decades and shows the trials that test the couple’s love, as their families and outside forces try to tear them apart. them. Despite all odds being against them, true love will guide them.

The Perfumer (2022), Nils Willbrandt

Disclosure / Netflix

A detective who has lost her sense of smell steals a potion in order to win back the man she loves. Afterwards, she teams up with the perfumer she stole from to regain her sense of smell, but he is capable of killing in her quest for the perfect scent.

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