Nubank co-founder is now one of the richest women in Brazil

Nubank co-founder is now one of the richest women in Brazil
Nubank co-founder is now one of the richest women in Brazil

Recently, the Forbes list of the richest personalities in Brazil was released. There are 290 positions in all, with women representing only 19% of the names approached. In all, there are 57 places in the ranking.

This year’s list has seven new names of Brazilian billionaires. Among them, only one is the name of a woman. It is the co-founder of Nubank, Cristina Helena Junqueira, in 138th place.

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Co-founder of Nubank

According to Forbes, the billionaire has an estimated fortune of R$ 2.5 billion. It is worth mentioning that in December last year, the amount was more than R$ 7 billion. Cristina Junqueira, in 2021, was the first executive in the financial sector to be considered a billionaire in the country.

Before helping to structure one of the most valuable banks in Latin America, Cristina Junqueira worked at traditional banks such as Itaú for 10 years. When she moved to Nubank, fintech was still considered the institution with the highest market value.

Nubank, today, fully consolidated among Brazilians, has more than 50 million customers.

Cristina Junqueira was also the first woman to pose pregnant on a business magazine cover.

The richest women in Brazil

Also according to the magazine, check out which are the richest women in Brazil in 2022.

  1. Vicky Sarfati Safra: R$37.5 billion;
  2. Maria Helena Moraes Scripilliti: R$20.65 billion;
  3. Ana Lúcia de Mattos Barreto Villela: R$8.15 billion;
  4. Dulce Pugliesi de Godoy Bueno: R$7.65 billion;
  5. Leila Mejdalani Pereira: R$7.2 billion;
  6. Lucia Borges Maggi: R$7.1 billion;
  7. Marli Maggi Pissolo: R$7.1 billion;
  8. Neide Helena de Moraes: R$ 6.5 billion;
  9. Camilla de Godoy Bueno Grossi: R$5.3 billion;
  10. Maria Consuelo Leão Dias Branco: R$ 5.2 billion.

On the origins of the assets are the names: Itaú, Votorantim, Dasa, AMaggi, Crefisa, Banco Safra and others.

In the current list, women from the Trajano family, linked to Magazine Luiza, are no longer part of the list.

For the survey, the shareholding participation of these women in stock exchanges is used as a basis.

Fortune of the richest man in Brazil

Jorge Paulo Lemann, co-founder of the 3G Capital group, is the richest man in Brazil. His fortune is estimated at over R$71 billion. The amount corresponds to almost double when compared to the richest woman in the country.

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Behind him in the ranking, in 2nd and 3rd place, are Marcel Hermann Telles, also a partner at 3G Capital, and Eduardo Saverin, from Facebook, respectively.

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