ES naturist beach is an option on the Brazilian route to go hiking naked

Photo: Iures Wagmaker / Folha Vitória

Speculation, prejudice and a lot of curiosity are the main discussions when it comes to naturism. In Espírito Santo, Praia de Barra Seca, in Linhares, is the only official beach in the state and one of the official ones in Brazil.

Already known to many, the place is now on the route of those who want to make the call. naked hiking or freehiking. Literally translated, it can be summarized as hiking or walking naked.

The place is about 60 kilometers from the city center and it is necessary to cross a river to reach the trail that gives access to the area reserved for naturism. See how to get there from Vitoria.

In the place, there are boats that make the crossing of the practitioners. Telephones are available at a board at the river’s edge. At any time and on any day, one of the boatmen can be called. The round trip price is R$ 10 and the trips are carried out between 8:00 and 17:00.

Photo: Iures Wagmaker / Folha Vitória

Trail start to Barra Seca beach is across the river

The practice can even be confused with just being naked in a certain location. However, the philosophy goes far beyond just taking off your clothes.

Practitioners define naturism as the acceptance of one’s own body without the standards of perfectionism imposed by society.

“By taking off our clothes in public, we get rid of all kinds of prejudices that exist in relation to the body, the social position and the position occupied in the day-to-day work. We care about nothing more than respect for others and causes of nature, which we preserve in a very conscious way”.

Photo: Disclosure / NatES

The statement is from a practitioner of naturism who, for personal reasons, asked that her name not be disclosed. She claims there are prejudices within the family nucleus. However, she says that everyone at work knows that she is a naturist, including her husband, who also adheres to the practice.

“As this is an area where there are several turtle nests, we also ask you to help us take care of this space, paying all the necessary attention until spawning. Care for nature is also oriented. to the continent to be discarded in a proper place”, he says.

Practitioners of naturism in the state are part of the Naturist Congregation of the State of Espírito Santo (Nates), linked to the National Federation of Naturism (FBRN). For this reason, there are clear rules that must be followed by everyone who wants to venture into the practice.

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According to practitioners, everyone is welcome, as long as they are willing to comply with the rules of naturism. There are always hetero, single or widowed couples and members of the LGBTQIAP+ community on site.

“We have no problem with gender. What determines an individual’s presence in the group is their behavior. If you arrive and want to be more isolated, we respect the individual’s privacy, but we always invite you to participate in conversations and make meals with us”

Philosophy is based on mutual respect

To understand the philosophy that is naturism, it is necessary to understand that there is a big difference with nudism, which would be just being naked for the sake of staying.

“The biggest prejudice is in relation to the perfect body. The person is out of shape imposed by society and already thinks they can’t take off their clothes in public. we have to have group sex. When someone tells me that, I immediately ask to read the philosophy and then we talk again”.

Photo: Disclosure / NatES

Naturism is democratic and does not distinguish anyone. But it should be noted that this is not a time for disrespect. In addition to being synonymous with freedom, the practice must be carried out based on ethics and mutual respect.

“Nudity is mandatory within the space reserved for our practice. Of course, there is tolerance for adapting with those who go for the first time. But, as soon as the person does not decide to take off their clothes, they are invited to leave, as it is understood that she is not there as a supporter of naturism, but to observe other people’s nudity. This is not allowed”, said the practitioner.

Do not confuse naturism with an obscene act

It is important to emphasize that naturism must be practiced in a specific area and reserved for philosophy. Being naked in other open places can be considered an obscene act, which is prohibited in Brazil, by article 233 of the Penal Code.

Committing an obscene act in a public place, or open or exposed to the public: Penalty – detention, from three months to one year, or fine

Criminal lawyer Vinícius Pedroni explains, however, that the issue is difficult to understand, as the Penal Code does not specify what is, in fact, considered an obscene act.

“The jurisprudence has tried to define what an obscene act is, because due to the criminal type it is internally linked to social or cultural values ​​of when it is practiced. that the topic offers, it is necessary to act more objectively on the part of those who make the laws to define what is an obscene act and not leave it to judges or scholars of science”, he said.

Pedroni emphasizes that it is necessary to emphasize that the question of whether or not it is a crime is linked to the social and moral values ​​of the time it was edited.

“The question about whether it is a crime to be naked on a common beach and it is not a crime to do the same on a naturist beach is the fact that the beach where it is released usually has its own space defined by the Public Power, for people to do this practice”, he explains.

NatES also emphasizes that the use of official social networks in order to show naturism outside the specific areas for the purpose is not welcomed by the community.

The article is in Portuguese

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