CCJ approves PLs that create rules for telemarketing

CCJ approves PLs that create rules for telemarketing
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The Constitution and Justice Commission (CCJ) of the Legislative Chamber of the Federal District (CLDF) met this Tuesday (23) and approved matters that encourage entrepreneurship and economic development in the capital.

Chaired by deputy Thiago Manzoni (PL), the committee was attended by deputies Gabriel Magno (PT), Iolando (MDB), Robério Negreiros (PSD) and Fábio Félix (PSOL), and deliberated on proposals linked to entrepreneurship and also to other themes.

Authored by deputy Jaqueline Silva (MDB), PL nº 69/2023 establishes the ‘Policy to Encourage Entrepreneurship in the Elderly’. The proposal focuses on entrepreneurs aged 60 or over, aiming to create opportunities for this age group to open and manage their own businesses, in addition to generating employment and income.

According to the text, the idea is to encourage the transformation of elderly people into entrepreneurs, training elderly people and promoting access to credit, in addition to awakening interest in entrepreneurship. The deputy argues that the proposal “will promote the social and economic insertion of elderly people, through the creation of new job opportunities, in addition to stimulating the economy in the Federal District”.

Still on this topic, the board approved the inclusion of the ‘Female Entrepreneurship Legislative Week’ in the calendar of official events in the Federal District.

PL nº 631/2023 amends law nº 6357/2019 and was proposed by deputy Paula Belmonte (Citizenship), who justifies the modification by arguing that “female entrepreneurship plays a fundamental role in reducing disparities in the labor market”, and that “women-led companies have demonstrated themselves to be highly innovative and socially conscious”.

With two amending amendments, the CCJ also validated PL nº 2866/2022, which establishes the ‘District Policy for Incentives to the Circular Economy and the Economically Circular Product Seal’. The measure, initiated by deputy Robério Negreiros (PSD), comes to stimulate the recycling economy and reduce the environmental impact of the district production chain. Furthermore, the initiative seeks to promote transparency about the environmental costs of products and services and introduce consumers to the notion of environmental responsibility for their choices.

The program would be composed of principles, objectives and instruments, such as the assessment of the life cycle of products and the ‘Economically Circular Product Seal’, awarded to those products that meet the qualifications established in technical criteria. The environmentally appropriate final disposal of waste is one of the concerns highlighted by the bill.

“It is urgent to seek effective solutions to excess solid waste and its impacts. One of them, without a doubt, is to encourage the reduction in waste generation, through changes in production and consumption patterns, through waste reuse and recycling”, argued Negreiros, justifying his bill.

A proposal was also approved that includes the craft beer festival, called Artesanal Beer Festival Brasília, in the DF events calendar. PL 376/2023 was presented by deputy Gabriel Magno and establishes that the event will be held every September in Planaltina.

The district argues that the event has the potential to promote the participation of 1,250 to 3,500 attendees per day, generating 150 direct jobs and generating approximately R$2.5 million.

“We will bring to the north exit and the Planaltina region the dissemination of new tourism and cultural opportunities, setting this day on the DF calendar as a date to mobilize the population from different places for the city’s tourism”, declared Magno.

Importunity via telemarketing

The commission approved, after presenting an amendment, PL nº 480/2023, by deputy Robério Negreiros, which amends law nº 6,305/2019, which establishes rules and regulates the time and number of calls to offer products and services via messages and phone calls.

With the change, the text gains new wording, and a ban on telemarketing actions for the sale of products or subscription to services using a technological solution that enables the execution of automated, repetitive and predefined tasks aimed at triggering calls or messages is determined. of text in a volume greater than the human capacity to handle.

“Teleservices companies often employ technological solutions that carry out simultaneous calls, in a volume far exceeding the human capacity of their workforce to process these calls”, highlighted the author of the proposal in his justification.

Animal shelter

The CCJ presented a substitute for PL nº 2027/2021, which deals with the district public animal shelter. The proposal presented by deputy Daniel Donizet (MDB) proposes the creation of a shelter aimed at rescuing and recovering abandoned or run-over animals.

As detailed in the project, the PL aims to protect and well-being animals, in addition to controlling the population of dogs, cats and horses in the Federal District, preventing the spread of diseases.

The Shelter will have a multidisciplinary team and will aim to carry out rescues, first aid, castration and identification of animals, vaccination, adoption screening, promotion of educational campaigns, among other activities. Furthermore, the project provides support from the GDF in carrying out treatments and providing food and clean water.

“Cruel practices in dealing with animals can no longer be tolerated, much less think about their extermination when the situation gets out of control, aiming only for benefits for human beings”, stated Donizet about his initiative.

The substitute presented within the scope of the CCJ made adjustments to the text so that it could comply with the precepts of constitutionality, legality, legality and legislative writing.

See the other approved proposals

In total, 19 norms were approved and one was rejected this Tuesday, including bills, complementary bills, legislative decree bills and draft resolutions. Check out all the proposals:

  • PLC nº 40/2024, authored by the Executive Branch, amends Complementary Law nº 326, of October 4, 2000, which provides for the creation of the Sports Support Program – PAE and provides other measures;
  • PL nº 209/2023, authored by deputy Rogério Morro da Cruz (PRD), introduces changes to Law nº 3,212, of October 30, 2003, which “Makes it mandatory to post notices on the external doors of elevators installed in public buildings and private individuals in the Federal District and provides other measures”;
  • PL nº 199/2023, authored by deputy Joaquim Roriz Neto (PL), which establishes and includes International Youth Day in the official calendar of events in the Federal District;
  • PL nº 793/2023, of the Executive Branch, which amends Law nº 1,170, of July 24, 1996, which “establishes the legal instrument for the onerous granting of the right to build in the Federal District”;
  • PL nº 360/2023, by deputy Chico Vigilante (PT), which regulates the profession of martial arts instructor in the Federal District. The PL was rejected;
  • PL nº 284/2023, by deputy Ricardo Vale (PT), which establishes the day of gas station attendants and other employees at fuel and petroleum derivatives service stations in the Federal District;
  • PL nº 2432/2021, deputy Jorge Vianna (PSD), which amends Law 4,317/2009, which Establishes the District Policy for the Integration of People with Disabilities, consolidates protection standards and provides other measures;
  • PL nº 749/2023, from the Executive Branch, which provides for licensing for events and other measures;
  • PL nº 2473/2022, by deputy Iolando (MDB), which provides for the correct packaging of filters for smoking products, cigarette butts or equivalents;
  • PL nº 749/2023, from the Executive Branch, which provides for licensing for events and other measures;
  • PL nº 2473/2022, by deputy Iolando, which provides for the correct packaging of filters for smoking products, cigarette butts or equivalents;
  • PL nº 338/2023, by deputy Pastor Daniel de Castro (PP), which establishes the Day of the Preacher and the Preacher of the Gospel, to be celebrated annually on March 10th;
  • PL nº 211/2023, by deputy Eduardo Pedrosa (União Brasil), which includes, in the Official Calendar of Events of the Federal District, the event “Lazer Solidário do Gama”;
  • PDL nº 251/2022, which grants the Title of Meritorious Citizen of Brasília to Mr. Humberto Alves de Freitas. (PLe) Authorship: Deputies Delmasso, Maria Antônia Magalhães, Guarda Janio and Iolando;
  • PR nº 19/2023, authored by the board of directors, which calls the cafeteria of the Legislative Chamber of the Federal District “José Rodrigues Oliveira”;
  • PL nº 377/2023, authored by deputy Gabriel Magno (PT), which establishes and includes the “Walk of Memory” in the Official Calendar of Events of the Federal District.

*With information from Christopher Gama – CLDF News Agency

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