Sesc in Acre opens registrations for accreditation of professionals and cultural artistic groups


Artists, groups, collectives, producers and professionals of art and culture in all its manifestations and languages ​​can, until April 26th, obtain accreditation to provide services and possible participation in cultural projects and actions through Sesc in Acre. Documentation must be submitted online via email [email protected].

Furthermore, the notice can be collected free of charge, using a link available on the website, which contains the documents necessary to carry out accreditation.

The hiring of accredited candidates will be carried out after curation in accordance with the program schedule and the events foreseen in the Sesc Acre project calendar, or those that may arise, enabling groups, collectives in all their manifestations and languages ​​to provide services and support for Sesc programming.

President’s office
Communication Department of the Fecomércio/Sesc/Senac System
(68) 3212-4812- Fecomércio/AC
(68) 3302-2865- Sesc/AC
(68) 3302-0206- Senac/AC

The article is in Portuguese

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