Unified National Competition: minister explains training course!

Unified National Competition: minister explains training course!
Unified National Competition: minister explains training course!

The evidence of Unified National Competition will be held soon and the Ministry of Management and Innovation (MGI) gave new information about how those approved will be admitted to their positions, in addition to reiterating the safety precautions when taking the tests.

In an interview with Valor Econômico, the Minister of Management and Innovation in Public Services, Esther Dweck, gave more details about the procedures for applying the tests and how the new candidates will be integrated into the federal public service.

Esther Dweck reinforced the information already passed on by the Management regarding the guidance for city halls of cities that will apply CNU tests do not hold large events on May 5th, and expressed concern about the singer Madonna’s concert in Rio de Janeiro. However, Dweck reinforced that there is a great security scheme being prepared for the date.

The minister also commented on the intention to carry out new edition of the Unified National Competition in 2025 or 2026, stating that he is “working towards this”, and spoke of the success in holding a nationwide event.

“We think it was a very good decision to do this, considering all the registration numbers and representation. It was much cheaper than if I had done several individual contests. And I think we managed to resolve the doubt of how to create a unified competition and demand specific knowledge. Some areas were afraid to enter and not be able to have employees with that specific knowledge in the area, but I think this was resolved by the way it was organized. Now, we are working hard on security”, highlighted Esther Dweck.

Regarding the integration of those approved in the Unified National Competition into the federal public service, the minister highlighted that the Graduation course at the time of taking office. Furthermore, the intention is that in transversal careers (which allow the employee to work in different bodies) the candidate passes through different areas during the probationary period so that he can better identify what his affinities are.

In this context, Esther Dweck suggested that the new server spend some time working on poorest municipalitiesso that you can acquire greater knowledge about the Brazilian reality.

“Training course when they enter, and in those areas that are more transversal that the person goes through a probationary period to also understand which area they have the most affinity with and can be selected by the boss. One idea is for them to spend a little time during this probationary period in a very poor municipality in Brazil to get to know the Brazilian reality a little”, explained the minister.

It is worth remembering that the Unified National Competition registered more than 2 million registered candidates to compete for the 6,640 vacancies offered in various bodies of the Federal Executive Branch. The tests will be administered on May 5th in 220 municipalities in all regions of the country.

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Overview of the Unified National Competition

As mentioned, the Unified National Competition offers 6,640 vacancies of medium and higher levels of training for 21 bodies and entities of the Federal Executive.

The opportunities are distributed across 8 thematic blocks, segmented as shown below:

  • Block 1 – Infrastructure, Exact and Engineering: 727 vacancies;
  • Block 2 – Technology, Data, and Information: 597 vacancies;
  • Block 3 – Environmental, Agrarian and Biological: 530 vacancies;
  • Block 4 – Work and Employee Health: 971 vacancies;
  • Block 5 – Education, Health, Social Development and Human Rights: 1,016 vacancies;
  • Block 6 – Economic Sectors and Regulation: 359 vacancies;
  • Block 7 – Government Management and Public Administration: 1,748 vacancies;
  • Block 8 – Intermediate Level: 692 places.

Those approved in the competition will receive starting salaries ranging between R$5,866.69 (IBGE Technician) and R$22,921.71 (Labor Tax Auditor).

Objective and discursive tests will be applied, for all positions, on the day May 5, 2024in two shifts, being:

  • Morning shift (2h30 test)
    • Higher level: objective tests of general knowledge (20 questions) + discursive test of specific knowledge of the block;
    • Medium level: objective tests (20 questions) + essay.
  • Evening Shift (3h30 test)
    • Higher level: objective tests of specific knowledge (50 questions);
    • Medium level: objective tests (40 questions).

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Summary of the Unified National Competition

  • Bank: Cesgranrio
  • Vacancies: 6,640 + CR
  • Positions: various
  • Education: secondary and higher levels
  • Starting salaries: up to R$22,921.71
  • Exams: 5/5/2024
  • Notices


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