The future of Sergipe’s sanitation in liquidation. Director of the Brazilian Association of Sanitary and Environmental Engineering reveals the dangers of selling Deso


The Government of Sergipe, under the pretext of promoting the universalization of water and sewage services, began a process of granting public services for the distribution of drinking water and the collection and treatment of sanitary sewage throughout the State.

The hallmark of this process is the rush that makes it impossible to identify and discuss alternatives in order to find the best path for the progress of basic sanitation in Sergipe.

These 16 notes aim to bring elements to the debate at hand. I clarify that “liquidation” in the title of this text is used with the meaning of: “sale, at reduced prices, of an assortment of goods, to quickly release them.

1. Aracaju among the best in the Northeast

According to the Instituto Trata Brasil, Aracaju occupies the fifth best position in the sanitation ranking of cities in the Northeast, along with Vitória da Conquista, in Bahia, Campina Grande, in Paraíba, Salvador, capital of Bahia and João Pessoa, capital of Paraíba .

Aracaju has water and sewage services provided by the Sergipe State Company, DESO. Like the capital of Sergipe, the other four cities with the best service in the Northeast have one characteristic in common: the provision of services by public state companies.

The burning question: what does Aracaju gain from the privatization of the services currently provided by DESO?

The governor of Sergipe, who is leading this nefarious initiative, speaks.

Read the full article by Ondas Coordinator, Marcos Montenegro, on the Mangue Jornalismo website, by clicking on the link below: sale-da-deso/

The article is in Portuguese


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