Education brings together students from Porto Acre and begins Pre-Enem Legal 2024


The team from the Pre-Enem Legal program, from the Department of Education, Culture and Sports (SEE), went to Vila do Incra, in Porto Acre, this Wednesday, 3rd, to start the itinerant classes that will be held on the 21st counties. The activities were carried out at the headquarters of the Assembly of God Church.

Students from the schools Edmundo Pinto (Vila do Incra), Jader Saraiva Machado (Vila do V), José Plácido de Castro (located in the municipality) and the União e Progresso school (Vila Caquetá) participated in the class promoted by the team. Tomorrow and Friday, the 4th and 5th, according to the Pre-Enem coordinator, professor Bartor Galeno Cunha de Oliveira, the class will be at Bujari.

Education started Pre-Enem Legal by the municipality of Porto Acre. Photo: Mardilson Gomes/SEE

In classes, teachers work with students on the curricular components of Portuguese language and writing, geography and history, chemistry, physics and biology, as well as mathematics. “At the end of the classes, we will raise awareness with students about the importance of participating in Enem”, explained the coordinator.

By the first half of June, according to him, the program’s goal is to cover all 21 municipalities in the interior within the first cycle. In the second semester, he explains, the second cycle will be held, when there will be a return to classes in all municipalities.

Students from the four urban centers of the municipality participated in the class. Photo: Mardilson Gomes/SEE

“In the writing component, we are thinking about giving feedback to students through social networks, so that they have access to teachers and can also build their study path”, he highlighted.

Another important point is that students will be served within the post-secondary discipline, which is one of the teaching components. Furthermore, the classes will work with material from the Farias Brito system, as happened last year. “We have already selected the content, we have carried out continuing training and we already have the didactic sequence”, he explained.

The students are excited. Maria França, in the third year of the José Plácido de Castro school, highlights the importance of classes as not all students have access to a Pre-Enem course. “And these classes are also a way for us to memorize the content better,” she said.

Maria França: “Not all students are able to access a Pre-Enem course”. Photo: Mardilson Gomes/SEE

Student Fábio Vitor da Silva, from the Jader Saraiva Machado school, highlights that the classes are an excellent opportunity for those who live in rural areas. “In Vila do V, students live far away and this is an excellent way to learn for Enem and gain more knowledge”, he highlights.

Student Ayumy Araújo de Souza, from the Edmundo Pinto school, highlights that classes help students organize, plan and even choose a career. “The classes bring important points about what you need to study, giving guidance on what course you intend to take, and bring a range of opportunities”, she says.

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