Detran-TO holds a meeting to align and strengthen Yellow Maio actions in the state

Detran-TO holds a meeting to align and strengthen Yellow Maio actions in the state
Detran-TO holds a meeting to align and strengthen Yellow Maio actions in the state

The State Department of Traffic of Tocantins (Detran/TO) held a meeting on the morning of this Wednesday, 3rd, with all traffic safety bodies in Tocantins and other departments linked to traffic in the state to discuss and align inspection work and education that will integrate the actions of this year’s Yellow May Movement.

At the meeting, which took place in the auditorium of the General Command of the Military Police of Tocantins (PMTO), Detran/TO presented the action plan of the transit executive body during Yellow May, with the mission, initiatives, general and specific objectives , the cities covered by the work and other mechanisms and tools for carrying out the movement.

Meeting agenda

During the meeting, representatives of the bodies present also discussed the actions that each department has planned for the campaign and how they will act during the movement within their institutional responsibilities. The bodies also discussed the difficulties faced in developing and planning Yellow May actions, aiming to improve the work that will be part of the movement and strengthen awareness messages.

Communication and statistics

The improvement of the forms of recording statistical data on traffic accidents by each body was also put on the agenda in order to monitor the number of occurrences and the communication activities that the departments will carry out with the purpose of not only expanding education messages , as well as making them more effective, building more peaceful and orderly traffic with increasingly responsible drivers.

Organ present

The State Department of Health (SES/TO) participated in the meeting; Secretary of State for Education (Seduc/TO), Tocantins Military Police (PMTO), Tocantins Military Fire Department (CBMTO), Tocantins Transport, Works and Infrastructure Agency (Ageto), Sest Senat and the Mobile Customer Service of Emergency (Samu).

Yellow May

The Yellow May campaign is an international action that aims to alert society to the high rate of deaths and injuries in traffic around the world. As a way of raising awareness among all people involved in traffic, professionals, public servants, students and other members of society were also present at the ceremony.

In May 2011, the United Nations (UN) decreed the decade of actions for traffic safety, thus, the month of May became a global reference in the dissemination and evaluation of results.

The involvement of bodies and civil society in the Yellow May campaign is essential for building a culture of traffic safety and promoting life. The initiative is an opportunity for the population to reflect on the importance of preventing traffic accidents and reinforce everyone’s commitment to safer traffic.

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