Selection process in Canelinha SC has vacancies for all levels


Canelinha City Hall, located in the state of Santa Catarina, has opened registrations for its new selection process, aiming to form a reserve register for future admissions of professionals at different levels of education: elementary, secondary and higher education.

For the Administration and Finance Secretariat, there is a vacancy for Administrative Assistant III. In Education, Culture, Sport, Tourism and Youth, opportunities include everything from General Services Assistants to Qualified Teachers in various disciplines and Speech Therapists. The Department of Health is looking for Speech Therapists and Doctors in specialties such as Gynecology and Pediatrics. In the area of ​​Urban Works and Services, there are vacancies for Maintenance and Conservation Assistants, Drivers and Machine Operators.

The Department of Social Assistance and Citizenship has opportunities for Administrative Assistant III and Driver. At SEMAIS, there are vacancies for Operational Administrative Agent and Driver, and the Department of Agriculture is looking for a Tractor Driver.

With working hours ranging from 20 to 44 hours per week, salaries offered range from R$1,527.45 to R$16,788.57, covering a wide variety of positions distributed among several departments.



Those approved in the Canelinha SC selection process will receive salaries of up to R$ 16,788.57

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Find out how to apply

Interested parties must be Brazilian or naturalized, be up to date with their electoral and military obligations, and meet the specific education requirements for each position. Registration can be made until 11:59 pm on April 18th, exclusively through the SC Trainings website, responsible for organizing the event. To confirm participation, it is necessary to pay a fee that varies between R$30 and R$50.

Candidates will be assessed through a written test and practical test, scheduled to begin on May 5th.

This selection process will be valid for one year and may be extended, in accordance with the notice available for consultation.

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