Seif Jr: Bolsonaro senator from the marijuana truck appoints Michelle Bolsonaro as successor

Seif Jr: Bolsonaro senator from the marijuana truck appoints Michelle Bolsonaro as successor
Seif Jr: Bolsonaro senator from the marijuana truck appoints Michelle Bolsonaro as successor

Former Secretary of Fisheries in the Jair Bolsonaro (PL) government, senator Jorge Seif Jr. (PL-SC) may have his mandate revoked by the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) which judges this Thursday (4) an action that accuses him of having been financed by Santa Catarina businessman, Luciano Hang, the old man from Havan, who would have made the company’s structure available for his candidacy in 2022.

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A persistent sycophant of the Bolsonaro clan, Seif Jr. had a truck from his company, JS Pescados, seized in April 2023 with 322 kilos of marijuana in the Naviraí region (MS).

Among the load of fish, the police found several marijuana tablets in boxes with the initials JS, for Jorge Seif, the name of the company.

On the eve of the trial, Seif Jr. showed no concern and made fun of him by pointing out, in an interview with the newspaper O Globo, Michelle Bolsonaro (PL) as a possible successor, if he loses his seat in the Senate.

“What will happen in Santa Catarina (if the TSE decides to revoke it)? It will happen that the PL, President Bolsonaro, our group, with the values ​​that we represent, will elect the next senator. They will exchange Seif for someone else, for Michelle Bolsonaro, for Eduardo Bolsonaro. They will exchange six for half a dozen”, he joked.


Seif Jr. is the target of a lawsuit filed by the PSD for alleged abuse of economic power. Former governor Raimundo Colombo’s party says that Seif used the entire structure of the Havan store chain and that businessman Luciano Hang was a major campaigner for the senator.

Even with the accounts blocked at the time, the old man from Havan would have donated around R$300,000 to Seif Jr. Furthermore, Hang would have used the store chain’s corporate mailing list and email to send “saints” from the Bolsonaro candidate.

The legislation prohibits donations and contributions from companies, which constitutes abuse of economic power, an electoral crime.

The PSD also presented in the action flight reports from Luciano Hang’s helicopter, material that served as propaganda and images of the businessman asking for a vote for the senator.

If convicted, Seif Jr. and his alternate, Adrian Censi, will lose their mandate and could be ineligible for eight years.

The person who could also lose his job, if his ticket is revoked, is Jair Renan Bolsonaro. Recently joined the PL and intending to compete for a seat in the Balneário Camboriú Chamber, the former president’s son “04” is employed by Seif Jr., who placed him in a commissioned position in his office in Santa Catarina.


After the release of images of his company’s truck with the drug, Seif Jr. released a video on social media with a surreal explanation about the 322 kilos of marijuana seized by the Federal Highway Police (PRF) in a JS Pescados truck.

In the video, Seif Júnior admits that “in fact, this vehicle was owned by my family”, but in a lame way he says that the truck was sold in installments and that it would only be transferred to the new owner after all installments had been paid.

“In fact, this vehicle was owned by my family, but last year it was sold exactly on the 9th of 2022 with the appropriate notary registration in the city of Itajaí, Santa Catarina, to a third party”, says the senator, who amendment: “The vehicle was sold in installments, so we would only transfer this asset to this third party who purchased it from us through payment that has not yet occurred.”

Last March, Seif Jr. voted in favor of the project that criminalizes users caught with any quantity of drugs in the Senate’s Constitution and Justice Committee (CCJ).

In a theatrical way, as he usually does, he spoke against the decriminalization of users, a topic that has been debated in the Federal Supreme Court (STF).

“We have to learn from examples from around the world. No country that has advanced in the decriminalization of drugs or the release of drugs has been successful. On the contrary, more murder, more crime, more addiction, mental problems, suicides, fights at home, accidents by car… Just disgrace!”, he said, who remains unpunished for possible drug trafficking in the family truck.

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