PT deputies present bill that limits aerial spraying in MS – Politics

PT deputies present bill that limits aerial spraying in MS – Politics
PT deputies present bill that limits aerial spraying in MS – Politics

Initiative by the PT bench envisages taking a first step towards a State with health-safe production

State deputy Pedro Kemp (PT) presented a bill with changes to the State’s aerial spraying regulations (Photo: Luciana Nassar / Wagner Guimarães)

The PT bench’s bill aimed at regulating aerial agricultural spraying in Mato Grosso do Sul was presented this Wednesday (3) in the Legislative Assembly. The full replacement amendment to Bill 201/2023 prepared by Pedro Kemp ( PT) together with Gleice Jane (PT) and José Orcírio Miranda dos Santos, PT’s Zeca, begins to be processed in the House.

New distances have been proposed to limit aerial application of pesticides. “To avoid contamination, our amendment proposal is to guarantee a distance of 2 km from water collection sources, water recharge areas and springs to supply populations and population centers, schools and educational institutions, hospitals, homes, recreational areas, urban areas. In the case of isolated homes and groups of animals, the expected distance is 1,000 meters”, explained Kemp.

The measure aims to prevent the contamination of populations in cities, the countryside, indigenous lands, quilombola territories and self-recognized traditional communities. Representative Gleice states that the text came about after realizing that there would be no advancement of a more radical project.

State deputy Gleice Jane (PT) during a personal explanation in the plenary session of the Legislative Assembly, this Wednesday (3) (Photo: Luciana Nassar / Wagner Guimarães)

“We realized that we were not going to be able to approve the project that banned all aerial spraying. This was a way to start a deeper debate, but it is far from what we wanted. We went back to get it approved. We want to effectively be a safer State in the future in terms of the economic production model for our health”, she explained.

The new text, proposed by Kemp, author of the old proposal to end agricultural spraying in Mato Grosso do Sul, provides for tougher inspections and for environmental agencies to be notified in advance about the activity.

“The amendment also prohibits the use of pesticides that can cause contamination due to their lethal components, those that do not have antidotes, or cannot be treated in the SUS (Unified Health System)”, added the author.

The proposed amendment is based on CNDH (National Human Rights Council) Resolution 24, of September 16, 2024, which provides for the spraying of pesticides by aircraft to prevent and repair human rights violations.

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