“Doctor’s assistants exist?”: nurse and council question ordinance in MS – Cities

“Doctor’s assistants exist?”: nurse and council question ordinance in MS – Cities
“Doctor’s assistants exist?”: nurse and council question ordinance in MS – Cities

The professional sees “contempt for nursing” and the council that oversees the category’s work suggests a change

Bed at the Mato Grosso do Sul Regional Hospital (Photo: Subcom/Government of MS)

It causes outrage between a nurse and Coren (Regional Nursing Council), responsible for supervising the category’s work, when the term “doctors and their assistants” appears in an ordinance published yesterday (2) in the Official Gazette of Mato Grosso do Sul.

The document dictates rules on the escort of prisoners during transport and stay in hospitals in the State. It was republished because it contained errors in relation to the version released in February. The same term was already in the first one and was not revised.

A nurse who has already done research in prisons, Wanessa Bezerra read and spoke about the “contempt for nursing” and her work that the choice in the concierge can represent, considering that professionals in the area are those who are normally present in the care of prisoners, at bedside. “Now does a doctor’s assistant exist? A public document like that, you can’t let it go”, she claims.

Above the red line the term “auxiliary” appears (Photo: Reproduction/Edition of 2/4/2024 of the Official Gazette of MS)

She also opens up about still suffering from her experience as a nurse in the prison system.

“Then the nurse identifies the need to refer to an emergency unit and they [os médicos] they don’t trust. They don’t take it. The prisoner dies and the nurse still has to justify the death without writing that they ignored and doubted the nurse”, she exemplifies.

Replacement – Coren in Mato Grosso do Sul sent a letter to the director-president of Agepen (State Penitentiary System Administration Agency) in the State, Rodrigo Rossi Maiorchini, asking that the term be replaced by “other members of the multidisciplinary health team”.

The Council also suggests specifying in the document who can be part of this team. “Doctors, nurses, nursing technicians and assistants, physiotherapists, pharmacists, nutritionists, psychologists, among others”, he lists.

Facade of the Regional Nursing Council of MS (Photo: Disclosure)

In another part of the document, the agency points out how the term “doctor’s assistant” can sound discriminatory to nursing, reinforcing that professionals in the category stay by the patient’s side, whether they are a prisoner or not.

“Many people in society think that a nurse, for example, is naturally an assistant, a support, a right hand, for doctors. This is not so. Nursing is a scientific profession, with its own definitions and functions, Code of Ethics and focused on research, with professionals who even work as entrepreneurs”, says the council’s letter.

Are you going to change? – Agepen’s press office was contacted to comment on whether or not Coren’s request was met, but has not yet responded. The space remains open.

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