TCE punishes city halls for not updating Sagres and hiding transparency data


The State Court of Auditors (TCE-PB) is punishing city halls that insist on hiding data from public transparency. As found out by the ClickPBcurrently 43 municipal administrations are behind in updating the Society’s Resource Management Monitoring System (Sagres), a tool used to enter information.

The president of the TCE, Nominando Diniz, informed that these city halls are being fined. “All these managers are already being fined. And they will only deliver new documents when they update the daily Sagres”, he said.

Sagres online is an important social control tool that TCE-PB offers to society, so that it can monitor the application of public resources from the State and municipalities.

TCE lists punished city halls

The TCE listed the city halls in arrears. Some of them haven’t updated Sagres for 17 days.

Barra de São, Boa Vista, São Vicente do Seridó, Bom Sucesso, Cuité, Nova Olinda, Arara, Mato Grosso, Itatuba, Joca Claudino, Alagoinha, Boa Ventura, Curral de Cima, Pedro Regis, São João do Cariri, Serraria, Belém do Brejo do Cruz, Brejo do Cruz, Ingá, Juarez Távora, Marizópolis, Piancó, Poço de José de Moura, Riacho dos Cavalos, Sumé, Triunfo, Campina Grande, Lagoa, Jericó, Massaranduba, Aroeira, Ballast, Nova Floresta, Uiraúna, Barra de Santa Rosa, Congo, Marcação, Aparecida, Desterro, Imaculada, Puxinanã, Tenório and Vieirópolis.

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