Acre Civil Police arrest three men for violence against women


The Civil Police of Acre, through the Specialized Police Station for Women’s Assistance (DEAM), carried out an operation, this Tuesday, the 2nd, which resulted in the arrest of three men for different crimes against women, in Rio Branco. The men’s names were not revealed and are aged 36, 40 and 50.

The first two were arrested for failing to comply with protective measures against their former partners. According to police information, they did not accept the end of the relationship and began to constantly threaten and harass their ex-partners, including going to their places of work.

Despite there being a court order to stay away from the victims, they continued to violate this order. Faced with non-compliance, delegate Danilo César represented the temporary arrest of the offenders.

In the third case, the 50-year-old man was arrested for the crime of raping a vulnerable person. According to investigations, the author met the victim at a gathering of friends, where they both consumed alcoholic beverages. At the end of the party, the suspect offered the victim a ride to his home, which was accepted.

However, during the journey, it was noticed that the victim was in a vulnerable state due to the alcohol ingested. The attacker then took her to a motel, where he performed the sexual act without the victim’s consent.

After learning of the facts, police chief Danilo César, together with his investigation team, began the investigations that culminated in the arrest of the suspect.

“We are committed to vehemently combating any form of violence against women. These arrests demonstrate our commitment to protecting victims and holding perpetrators accountable. The Civil Police continues to act rigorously to prevent this type of crime and guarantee justice for women who suffer domestic and sexual violence”, declared delegate Danilo César.

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