VIDEO: Prosecutor calls lawyer a ‘garnished chicken’ in MG court

VIDEO: Prosecutor calls lawyer a ‘garnished chicken’ in MG court
VIDEO: Prosecutor calls lawyer a ‘garnished chicken’ in MG court

One district Attorney of the Public Ministry of Minas Gerais offended a attorney criminalist calling her ‘garnisé chicken’ and asking if she was going to “do a striptease”, during a trial at the state Court of Justice. The incident happened on Tuesday (26).

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Although the moment was not recorded, it was recorded in the hearing minutes, which were not signed by prosecutor Francisco Santiago.

“(…) the defense responds by talking to the jurors, at which point the IRMP turns to Dr. Sarah Quinetti and calls her a garnizé hen and would do a striptizer (sic)”, stated in the minutes of the hearing

To the newspaper State of Minas, lawyer Sarah Quinetti said that she participated in a hearing where her client was accused of being a co-author of a homicide and even complained about being interrupted by Santiago. Then, the offenses began.

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“When I was explaining some situations to the jury, he started asking several questions, interrupting me. I asked him to stop, respect me and the insults began. I even suggested to the other lawyer that I change my gown, to see if he would respect me more. He said I was going to do a striptease and he lost control,” Quinetti said.

Sarah recorded part of the discussion

Shortly after the offenses, Sarah took out her cell phone and recorded the discussion she had with the prosecutor inside the room. “Tell me now that I’m going to do a striptease, do you have the courage to say it? Can you see he doesn’t have the courage? He’s treating me like this because I’m a woman,” says Sarah in the video.

In the background of the recorded material, it is possible to hear the prosecutor say that the lawyer “is neurotic”.

“I wasn’t recording before because the debates are not recorded, only the statements. I picked up a phone, I was shaking, I put it on and asked him to repeat the lines”, explained the lawyer.

Sarah told the Minas Gerais newspaper report that she was “traumatized” after the jury, which was annulled by the judge and there is still no new date set.

“He had already disrespected me in other places. I recognize his authority, his teachings, but he cannot use this to humiliate a man or a woman. He called me a chicken garnisé, that I would striptease in front of the jury. I am even traumatized today,” he said.

Public Ministry will investigate the case and OAB has not yet taken a position

To the report, the Public Ministry of Minas Gerais (MPMG) said that a disciplinary procedure had been opened at the National Council of the Public Ministry. The report from Estado de Minas contacted the agency, but has not received a response so far. Prosecutor Francisco Santiago was not located by the newspaper.

The lawyer said she contacted the Bar Association (OAB-MG), through the Prerogative Attorney’s Office, but did not receive a response. When questioned, the OAB said that it was not informed by the lawyer in the case and that she was awaiting a request to act in the case.

She will file a Police Report (BO) and request a protective measure against the prosecutor, so that he does not participate in the same hearings as her.

“I’m afraid the doors will close, there’s a lot of corporatism there. I’m going to register a police report, I didn’t have the time, mind or support to think about it. I’m also thinking about asking for a precautionary measure against him, so that he doesn’t have any hearings with me. I recognize his work, but there would be no need for him to do what he did to me”, he said.



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