Famasul classifies 10% of Mato Grosso do Sul’s corn in poor condition…


Famasul (Federation of Agriculture and Livestock of Mato Grosso do Sul) released its Weekly Rural House Bulletin, indicating new reports on the state’s crops.

According to the survey, the planting of corn crops in Mato Grosso do Sul reached the level of 85.7% of the estimated total, a rate higher than the 83.7% in the same period of the 22/23 cycle.

Looking at the conditions of the state’s areas, Famasul technicians classified 73% of the crops as good, 16% as regular and 10% as bad.

The negative highlights are the South-Border region, which has 32.3% of crops considered bad, the South with 20.8%, the Southwest with 17.2% and the Southeast with 11%. In the Center and North, 100% of the area was considered in good condition.

corn conditions ms famasul

Famasul’s estimates point to a total planting of 2.218 million hectares, 5.82% less than the previous year and a predicted productivity of 86.3 bags per hectare, which is a reduction of 14.25% compared to the last recorded average. Therefore, the state is expected to harvest 11.4 million tons, a rate 19.23% lower than in 2023.

“Some regions of the state have a high risk when planting outside the best sowing window, which is concentrated between January 13th and March 10th. Adverse weather events, such as drought, frost and hail, can occur and harm the crop. Therefore, it is crucial that the producer is aware of agricultural climate risk zoning and checks the climate history of the property or region before starting sowing. It is highly recommended to avoid late planting in the state, as this can result in a significant drop in productivity and an increase in leafhopper infestations”, highlights Famasul.

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