State Science and Technology Conference discusses suggestions for the sector | F5 News

State Science and Technology Conference discusses suggestions for the sector | F5 News
State Science and Technology Conference discusses suggestions for the sector | F5 News

The State Conference on Science, Technology and Innovation is being held this Wednesday (3) in Sergipe. The event, which takes place throughout the day at the Hotel do Sesc, in the Atalaia neighborhood, in Aracaju, has the theme “For a Fair, Sustainable and Developed Brazil” and brought together different sectors to debate scientific and sustainable development in the State.

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The state meeting is serving as preparation for the Regional Conference, in Pernambuco, and, later, for the 5th National Conference on Science, Technology and Innovation (CNCTI), in Brasília. The objective is to analyze the programs and plans of the National Science, Technology and Innovation Strategy (ENCTI) 2016-2023, as well as its results, to develop actions aimed at the country’s growth and development.

For Valmor Barbosa, Secretary of State for Economic Development, Science and Technology (Sedetec), the meeting in Sergipe will bring several contributions that will be taken to the other conferences. The tendency is for this to strengthen science, create research topics, disseminate innovation and encourage development in all spheres.

“This participation, together with various segments of society, manages to make, discuss plans and projects for the very important sector that is the science, technology, innovation sector of the State and Brazil. That’s why these conferences are important, because they will , in the end, have a purpose that is to provide collaborations, discussions, and suggestions that will be taken at the regional and federal level”, assessed the secretary.

The conference is attended by Hamilton José Mendes da Silva, deputy secretary of the Secretariat of Science and Technology for Digital Transformation (Setad) of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation. He explained that meetings in the States mean that policies aimed at the sector are built with contributions from representatives of the population in all regions.

“A conference like this reinforces these premises. That is what is important – the exchange of knowledge, of experience. The State will have its opportunity to have its representatives participate in the regional debate and, subsequently, with proposals and ideas that will certainly be incorporated into the final elaboration of the strategy at national level”, assured Hamilton.

The program includes the debate on four thematic axes such as the recovery and consolidation of the National Science, Technology and Innovation System; reindustrialization on new bases; science, technology and innovation for national strategic programs; and science, technology and innovation for social development.

For Alex Garcez, CEO of Fapitec/SE, the dialogue promoted by the event will make Sergipe chart a better route to be presented at the regional and national meeting. “We are putting here civil society, the academic community, the productive sector, non-governmental organizations, thinking heads together to build this strategy plan precisely to be one of the best that we will take at a national level”, he assessed.

The 5th National Science, Technology and Innovation Conference will take place in Brasília between the 4th and 6th of June. The event aims to bring together different sectors of society such as academia, government, private sector and civil society, for the presentation and discussion on the topic of Science, Technology and Innovation, in addition to promoting the dissemination of innovation and boosting scientific and technological development from the country.

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