Politec PE competition: governor confirms notice this year


The governor of Pernambuco, Raquel Lyra, confirmed that the State Scientific Police (Politec PE) will open competition later this year. The statement occurred on Monday, the 1st, during a weekly monitoring meeting of the Together for Security program.

Raquel also mentioned the appointment of 416 criminal police officers last year, in addition to open competitions for the Civil Police, which will have double the 445 vacancies announced, and for the Military Police, which will have 5,250 vacancies.

In the case of the Scientific Police, the government has already authorized a new competition with 214 vacancies, to be distributed across three higher-level careers:

  • LEGIST doctor: 60 places;
  • forensics expert: 77 vacancies; It is
  • forensic medicine agent: 77 vacancies.

Current salaries have not been disclosed.

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Governor confirms opening of the Politec PE competition in 2024

(Photo: Reproduction/ Instagram Department of Social Defense)

After signing the authorization, in November last year, governor Raquel Lyra informed what the next step will be in opening the Politec PE competition:

“We will soon announce the hiring of the company that will be responsible for the competition, as well as the release dates for the notice and tests. This is how we will guarantee greater security for our state”, said the governor.

An organizing committee will be hired to receive the competition entries and apply the stages, such as objective tests.

Politec PE contest summary

  • Institute: Scientific Police of Pernambuco
  • Current status: authorized
  • Banking: to be defined
  • Positions: coroner, criminal expert and forensic medicine agent
  • Education: higher education
  • Vacancies: 214
  • Remuneration: to be confirmed
  • Registration: to be confirmed
  • Objective test date: to be confirmed

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The last Politec PE competition was held in 2016

The last competition to enter the Pernambuco Scientific Police occurred in 2016.

The notice offered 316 vacancies for the positions of coroner’s assistant (73), expert assistant (96), papilloscopist expert (51), coroner (40) and criminal expert (56).

Salaries, at the time, varied between R$3,276.42 and R$8,497.62.

The selection was organized by Cebraspe (formerly Cespe/UnB). Candidates were evaluated through seven stages, namely:

  • Objective tests (100 questions on General Knowledge and Specific Knowledge);
  • Discursive evidence;
  • Proof of physical capacity;
  • Psychological assessment;
  • Medical exam;
  • Social research; It is
  • Graduation course.

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