Free training directs young people to job vacancies in Rio Grande do Sul


The training will begin on May 27th, with a workload of 100 hours, divided into four modules. (Photo: Hay Ramos/PROA Institute)

Students between 17 and 22 years of age who are completing or have already completed high school in Rio Grande do Sul, in public schools, will be able to register, until April 14, in the selection process for free courses on the PROA Platform.

The training is offered through a partnership between the Secretariat of Labor and Professional Development (STDP) and the PROA Institute.

To register, simply access the website and answer a basic Portuguese Language, Mathematics and Profile Analysis test. If approved, the candidate proceeds to the enrollment stage in free online courses.

The training will begin on May 27th, with a workload of 100 hours, divided into four modules: Self-knowledge, Professional Project, Logical Reasoning and Communication. These themes seek to prepare young people to define their professional goals and, consequently, perform well in job interviews.

After completing the four modules, students can opt for training with a specific technical track.

There are eight careers to choose from, sponsored by large organizations, with 50 hours of preparation for each: Administration (P&G), Logistics (P&G), Excel and Power BI (Microsoft), Retail (Fundação Casas Bahia), UX Design (Accenture), Promotion and Brands (BRF), Financial Education (Bloomberg + Dahlia Capital) and Customer Service (IMFG + Grupo BMG).

Once the specific trail is completed, participants receive a certificate of completion and access to an exclusive job vacancy platform with partner companies.

In 2023 alone, 1,991 young people enrolled in PROA Platform courses in Rio Grande do Sul. Of these, 465 were employed (23.4%).

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