Sebrae-RR supports the 18th Edition of the Watermelon Festival 2024 and the 2nd Agribusiness Fair in Normandia

Sebrae-RR supports the 18th Edition of the Watermelon Festival 2024 and the 2nd Agribusiness Fair in Normandia
Sebrae-RR supports the 18th Edition of the Watermelon Festival 2024 and the 2nd Agribusiness Fair in Normandia
The event will take place on April 5th and 6th in Normandia. – Photo: Ascom/Sebrae-RR

Sebrae Roraima is supporting the XVIII Edition of the 2024 Watermelon Festival and the 2nd Agribusiness Fair, the event takes place on April 5th and 6th in Normandia from 8am to 11pm. The agreement between Sebrae and Normandy City Hall provides that Sebrae is responsible for organizing the Agribusiness Fair programming that is part of the Festival.

The Watermelon Festival, in its 18th edition, is a moment of integration between local residents and tourists who visit the region during its duration. Furthermore, the event provides a platform for local entrepreneurs to showcase their products and services, exchange experiences and knowledge, and for visitors to discover and purchase regional products, thus valuing local production.

This festival will be a showcase to promote the development of local potential, boosting economic, social, cultural and technological aspects of the region. This year’s focus is on strengthening the Agribusiness Fair, aiming to aggregate and promote business in the agricultural sector, encouraging the exchange of ideas and the emergence of new companies and products.

In addition to developing the watermelon production chain, the project seeks to encourage entrepreneurship, business generation and family farming. Through workshops and other activities, the aim is also to foster knowledge, developing entrepreneurial skills and competencies and disseminating technology.

In addition, partner services will be made available:

– DEVELOP: Support for the development of agribusiness with a focus on sustainability and innovation.

– CAIXA ECONÔMICA: Financial solutions for rural producers.

– FAERR: Technical advice and training for rural producers.

– SEADI: Planning and development of public policies for agribusiness.

– SFA: Animal and plant health inspection and defense.

– SICOOB: Credit cooperative that offers financial solutions for agribusiness.

– EMBRAPA: Research and development of innovative technologies for the field.

– FIERR: Federation of Industries of the State of Roraima.

– ADERR: Rural Development and Agricultural Extension Agency of Roraima.

– IATER: Institute of Technical Assistance and Rural Extension of Roraima.

– ITERAIMA: Roraima Agricultural Research and Extension Institute.

– FEMARH: State Foundation for the Environment and Water Resources of Roraima.

Sebrae-RR will also be offering business assistance, formalization, and technical visits to local entrepreneurs and rural producers. All services will be offered within the traveling bus, from formalization, issuance of certificates, declaration, issuance of DAS, offering online and in-person training, to company registration and installments for MEIs.

Check the schedule:

Day 05/04

8:30 am: Official Opening of the 18th Edition of the Watermelon Festival
Prayer, National Anthem and Municipal Anthem, United Order
Words from the Authorities

9:30 am: Lecture on Correct Use of PPE

9:30 am: Fruit Exhibition, Visits to Stalls, Visits to Technological Showcases, Exhibition of Indigenous Crafts and Stands

10am: Public Service Lecture

11am: Lecture on Irrigation Methods

12pm: Lunch break

2pm: Lecture: Correct Disposal of Agricultural Pesticides Packaging

3pm: Lecture on Pest and Disease Control

3pm: Horse Racing

6pm: UNAMA lecture

7pm: Parade and Choice of Candidates for Queen of the Watermelon Festival, 18th Edition
Cultural Presentation Rhythm of the North

11pm: Musical performances

Day 06/04

8am – 11am: Velocross

8am – 9am: Start of Visits to Stands, Exhibition Booths and Preparation for the Start of the Watermelon Competitions

9am – 11am: Best Watermelon Fruit Tournament
Heaviest Watermelon Competition
Biggest Watermelon Eaters Competition (Male/Female)

11am – 12pm: Continuation of Visits to Stands, Technological Showcases, Exhibitors and Tasting of the Best Watermelon Fruits in the North

12pm – Lunch break

2pm – 3pm: Lecture by EMBRAPA/RR and Normandy Rural Producers Association – ASPRON (Lecture Tent)

3pm – 4pm: Rural Leadership Meeting – Strengthening Rural Organizations (facilitator: Silvio Silvestre de Carvalho – President CDE Sebrae/RR

3pm – 6pm: Horse Racing

5pm – 6pm: Cultural Moment: Exhibition of Clay Pots and Body Painting

7:30 pm – 10 pm: Speech by Mayor Dr. Raposo, thanking the Partners of the Watermelon Festival, as well as the Authorities Present and the Respective Awards of the Watermelon Festival 2024

10pm: Musical performances


XVIII Edition of the Watermelon Festival 2024 and 2nd Agribusiness Fair

When: April 5th and 6th

Hours: 8am to 11pm

Location: Normandia/RR

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