Record presenter cries live when reporting armed robbery, and surprises by revealing victim: ‘He shot out of spite’; watch

Record presenter cries live when reporting armed robbery, and surprises by revealing victim: ‘He shot out of spite’; watch
Record presenter cries live when reporting armed robbery, and surprises by revealing victim: ‘He shot out of spite’; watch

The anchor of “Correio Manhã”, on TV Correio, a Record affiliate in Paraíba, suffered an attempted robbery, shortly before going on air, and cried live, when narrating what happened, this Tuesday (2). João Fernandes said he was approached by three armed criminals before arriving at the station and his car was shot.

We start Correio Manhã this Tuesday talking about an attempted robbery that happened…“, began the journalist, before becoming emotional and interrupting his speech. “Now in the early hours of the morning on Rui Carneiro, near the Brisa Mar neighborhood, here in the capital. Three criminals invaded the road to try to stop a vehicle, the vehicles that were passing through the avenue to try to rob”, described. It was then that João Fernandes surprised the viewer by revealing that the case had happened to him. “One detail in this story: the person passing by was me.“, he reported.

They tried to stop my car, and I got scared right away. I only saw the three of them walking in front of me, one of them armed. And at the time, I didn’t know what to do, I just accelerated the car. I just sped up in fear, sped up. That’s when I heard a shot. What I always say and repeat here on the program: when the robbery doesn’t work, they shoot out of pure malice. The shot hit right here, on the side of my car, right in the side window.“, explained João, showing the vehicle with the shattered glass on the screen.

Afterwards, the anchor thanked him for escaping with his life and said it was a “deliverance”. “After what happened, all I thought about was my family.“, he said, even more emotional. “Since I arrived here in Paraíba, I have taken the same route, the same route every day, because I thought it was the safest. I always take the same route, via Rui Carneiro. That morning, 4:10 am, the time I always go by, this attack happened“, he vented.

And to think that the guy who shot, who to me was a minor, shot to hit. It’s evil. She shot to kill. And the shot almost misses me. For very little“, added João. Afterwards, reporter Carlos Dhaniel was called live to show the exact point where the anchor was approached.

It’s too difficult to have to start another edition of our ‘Correio Manhã’ with this news. We are used to dealing with this type of situation, telling several stories of people from Paraíba being victims of robberies, of people even losing their lives during this type of situation. And then in the early hours of today I have to tell you that you, who are my personal friend, suffered this attempted robbery and that, by a very close margin, you did not end up becoming a fatal victim in this case“, lamented Dhaniel.

The anchor showed the shattered car glass and got emotional. (Photo: Reproduction/TV Correio)

The reporter reported that João was not the only one to suffer the attempted robbery this morning and that the police received calls from other victims, reporting the same incident. The anchor then shared more details about the episode. “It was very close to where you are. Whenever I leave the house it’s still dark. I always, for bringing news here to the program and for seeing this happen in several places, in São Paulo mainly, of the guys invading the front of the car, I always visualized this situation and thought what I would do at that time“, he reflected.

Have you ever stopped to think about what you do at this time? It’s impossible to imagine. I just thought about escaping, getting out of there. Why did I accelerate the car? I was afraid to stop and, even if I took the car, they would shoot me. For recognizing me, or just for simply shooting, because they do it out of spite“, he added.

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João also warned about the lack of lighting on the avenue and confirmed the reports of other victims. “I have always followed this path, two and a half years here in Paraíba, I have always followed this path. There is a constant lack of lighting at this point. As soon as it happened, when I heard the bang, glass flew into my neck. I said ‘it was a shot’. I immediately called the police to report what had happened. At the moment I was telling the police what had happened, other calls were coming in at the same time, at the same time, from people who had been attacked in the same spot, by the same criminals, by the same vagrants there on Rui Carneiro. They shot other people“, he stated.

They were raiding there, attacking all the drivers, that is, they attacked people before me and after me. I called the police and the police said they (criminals) they were laying siege“, said the anchor. Finally, the journalist criticized the authorities for not speaking out about what happened to the broadcaster. “If they don’t respond to us on TV, if they don’t respond to me, because I’m here to represent the people, imagine the people?“, he concluded. Watch:

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