Meeting in Cascavel ends presentation of the Ver a Cidade project to universities

Meeting in Cascavel ends presentation of the Ver a Cidade project to universities
Meeting in Cascavel ends presentation of the Ver a Cidade project to universities

Meeting in Cascavel ends presentation of the Ver a Cidade project to universities

Social ControlApril 2, 2024 – 17:00

The project presentation See the City The final phase reached this Tuesday (April 2), in the auditorium of the headquarters of the State University of Western Paraná (Unioeste), in Cascavel. Around 100 Civil Engineering academics attended the lectures given by the external control auditors of the Court of Auditors of the State of Paraná, Luiz Henrique de Barbosa Jorge and Fbio Andr Rosenfeld. The initiative is a partnership between TCE-PR, the State Secretariat for Science, Technology and Higher Education (Seti-PR), via state universities, and the Regional Engineering and Agronomy Council (Crea-PR).

The project seeks to encourage Engineering students from public state universities to assist the TCE-PR in supervising works that have been stopped in the municipalities of Paraná. Before the event, they were received by the vice-rector of Unioeste, Gilmar Ribeiro de Mello, and representatives of the institution who will participate in the project.

For Ribeiro de Mello, this partnership expands the training field for Civil Engineering professionals. “This is a very important project related to the participation of our students and teachers, which helps a lot in complementing their training, giving them a little more practice. They will have the opportunity to have experiences in supervising stopped works”, he highlighted.

” in this sense that the Court of Auditors has come to universities, with the project See the City, which is precisely not only talking about the technical part, but also raising the issue of citizenship, of ensuring that technical aspects in construction work always prevail”, said engineer Barbosa Jorge, external control auditor linked to the Public Works Coordination (COP).

During the presentation, he highlighted some characteristics of public works procedures in the technical part, mainly in the formal aspects. “We cannot allow the works to be paralyzed and become abandoned works and, therefore, not fulfill their social function. That the future engineers who will work in the area have this mission”, he stressed, when showing some inspection work carried out in the field by the TCE-PR.

Social control

It is also part of the project See the City a training course in Social Control, which was the topic of a lecture by auditor Fbio Rosenfeld, manager of the Jurisdictional Service and Social Control Coordination (CACS). “We cannot think about this chain of control without popular participation, which can be exercised through social control,” he said. The auditor took advantage of the meeting to explain the role of the Court of Auditors in public administration.

One of those selected to participate in the project, Engineering student Guilherme Ferreira de Andrade, who is finishing the fourth year of the course, said that, in addition to improving his qualifications for the job market, the stimulus was to exercise his citizenship. “Knowing where the public money invested in these works goes and what is happening made me interested in participating, as well as helping the Court of Auditors in these inspections”, he explained.

At the end of the meeting, the regional manager of Crea-PR in Cascavel, Geraldo Canci, highlighted the ethical issue involving the work of the Engineering professional.

Five cities

In total, 60 students, from the four state universities that offer Civil Engineering courses, selected through a public notice, will visit ten works in person – in the cities of Cascavel, Londrina, Maring, Ponta Grossa and Umuarama. 12 students are being chosen from UEL, UEM (Maring and Umuarama campuses), UEGP and Unioeste, Cascavel campus. They will also monitor online of approximately 1,100 works that the city halls themselves informed the TCE-PR are unfinished.

Author: Social Communication Directorate Source: TCE/PR

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