SES SE competition: notice scheduled for 06/30

SES SE competition: notice scheduled for 06/30
SES SE competition: notice scheduled for 06/30

In a judicial agreement proposed by the Federal Public Ministry (MPF), Public Ministry of Labor (MPT) and Public Ministry of the State of Sergipe (MPSE), through the 2nd Public Prosecutor’s Office for Citizens’ Rights/Health, the The State Government has committed to holding a public competition for health professionals.

The signed agreement establishes that the notice of the public competition for the State Department of Health of Sergipe be released by June 30th this year.

The number of vacancies and positions that will be filled, according to the document, will be defined by the State Department of Health, according to management needs.

It is worth remembering that the committee of members that will monitor the contest’s activities has been changed. The document was published in the Official Gazette of Sergipe.

Now, for the notice to be published, all that remains is to choose and effectively hire the organizing committee, which should happen soon.

  • SES SE
  • Status: changed commission
  • Vacancies: to be defined
  • Starting salaries: R$ 1,300.00 to R$ 6,000.00 [último edital]
  • Latest notice: SES SE – 2008

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SES SE Competition

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Current status of the SES SE competition

Committee formed

The commission monitoring the activities of the Sergipe State Health Department competition was changed again.

Remembering that the members were initially formed in May 2023, with the first change registered in December 2023.

Amended Commission – March 2024:

SES SE competition has its commission changed again

Latest selections

Selective process

The last simplified selection process at SES SE was published in May 2023, offering 3,098 vacancies at secondary and higher education levels.

The opportunities were for the State Health Network and Mobile Pre-hospital Care Units of the Mobile Emergency Care Service (SAMU).

Candidates will be evaluated by presenting their CV and, for some positions, practical assessment.

Public tender

In turn, the last public tender notice, published in 2008, was destined for the Sergipe Health Network, organized by Cespe/UnB.

The competition had two stages, being:

  • Objective Test (all positions), of an eliminatory and classificatory nature; It is
  • Assessment of Titles (only for Attorneys), of an eliminatory and classificatory nature.

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SES SE Competition

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Subscription Competitions

1 year or 2 year subscription

SES SE contest information

  • Forecast: 2024
  • Vacancies: to be defined
  • Positions: several
  • Banking: to be defined
  • Education: medium, technical and higher
  • Latest notices: PSS – 2023 | SES SE – 2008

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