Refreshment is short-lived and hot air returns with heat this Wednesday

Refreshment is short-lived and hot air returns with heat this Wednesday
Refreshment is short-lived and hot air returns with heat this Wednesday

Rio Grande do Sul experienced two seasons this Tuesday, as expected. While most regions of Rio Grande do Sul had a mild autumn day, with temperatures close to or below normal in April, part of the state continued with high temperatures and heat like summer.

The West, Center, South and East of the state, including Porto Alegre and the metropolitan region, had maximum temperatures below 25ºC in the vast majority of municipalities. In some locations in Serra do Sudeste and Serra do Nordeste, such as Canguçu and Canela, the temperature did not even exceed 20ºC throughout the day.

On the other hand, as predicted, the North and Northwest of the state remained under the influence of hot air with heat. The National Institute of Meteorology stations indicated maximum temperatures of 31.5ºC in São Luiz Gonzaga; 31.3ºC in Santa Rosa; 30.6ºC in Santo Augusto, 30.5ºC in Frederico Westphalen; 30.4ºC in Erechim; and 30.0ºC in Palmeira das Missões.

The advance of colder air in part of Rio Grande do Sul ended up causing a large difference in temperature in the afternoon compared to the day before. Porto Alegre recorded a temperature of 22.9ºC at 3pm today. At the same time the previous day it was 31.8ºC. In Campo Bom, the thermometers indicated 31.8ºC at 3pm on Monday and 23.1ºC today at the same time.

Big change also in some cities in the interior of Rio Grande do Sul. On Monday, at 3pm, Teutônia recorded 31.7ºC. Today, 23.6ºC. Canela recorded 26.8ºC in mid-afternoon yesterday and 16.1ºC yesterday. Caxias do Sul was at 28.2ºC at 3pm on Monday and 18.4ºC yesterday at the same time. Tupanciretã went from 31.2ºC to 24.3ºC and Santa Maria from 29.0ºC to 22.4ºC, considering the mid-afternoon marks of Monday and yesterday.

Many clouds accompanied the milder air today in the Center, South and East of the state. In the Northwest and North, under warm air, the weather was more open. | METSUL

The refreshment in part of Rio Grande do Sul, however, is short-lived and a new change in temperature arrives. Warmer air returns to cover a large part of the state’s territory, maintaining the afternoon heat in the Northwest and North, and bringing back high temperatures to other areas of the state, with the exception of the South, which remains pleasant.

Temperature anomaly this afternoon due to the Icon model | METSUL

Temperature anomaly tomorrow afternoon due to the Icon model | METSUL

The sun appears with clouds in most of Rio Grande do Sul this Wednesday, but some areas, particularly in the south of Rio Grande do Sul, should still have moments with greater cloud cover. At the end of the day, a chance of rain in parts of the West and the extreme South of Rio Grande do Sul, in the Chuí area.

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