fair highlights animal auctions and exhibitions in Mato Grosso do Sul


Expogrande 2024, an agricultural exhibition that takes place from April 4th to 14th, in Campo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul, will bring to the public a program of trials, shows, animal auctions, machinery, implements and agribusiness exhibitions.

The Association of Breeders of Mato Grosso do Sul (Acrissul), which is organizing the event, hopes to surpass last year’s numbers and attract 120,000 people at the Laucídio Coelho Exhibition Park. The expectation for this year is to generate R$150 million in business.

Attractions include cattle, horse and sheep auctions. Photo: Disclosure/ExpoGrande 2024

Expogrande 2024 Schedule

The 84th edition of the Campo Grande Agricultural and Industrial Exhibition will present technologies and genetics in different breeds of cattle, horses and sheep, in addition to shows, 150 stands, gastronomy and leisure.

To support demand, Expogrande’s 16 animal auctions will begin on March 23 with the Sete Estrelas Genetic Heritage Auction, an event scheduled to take place at 12 noon in the elite tatersal 1.

On April 4th, at 8 pm, the Acrissul Virtual Cutting Auction will take place, with the offering of a large herd of breeding and breeding animals, from several breeders in Mato Grosso do Sul. In 2023, Expogrande generated R$ 18 million at auctions, with the sale of 4 thousand animals.

On the cattle judging agenda, the Nelore breed returns to the track, with polled, standard and also painted animals. The trials of the first stage are completed by cattle of the Sindi and Tabapuã breeds. Quarter horse and Creole horses also participate in this stage. In the second stage, it is the turn of dairy cattle of the girolando, gir and sindi breeds. There will also be trials of horses of the Arabian and Pantanal breeds at this stage.

The fair will also have country shows such as Ana Castela.The fair will also have country shows such as Ana Castela.
The fair will also have country shows such as Ana Castela. Photo: Disclosure

Country Shows

Country shows are confirmed with the duo Victor and Léo (04/04), Lauana Prado (05/04), Gustavo Mioto (05/04), Henrique and Juliano (06/04), Fred and Fabrício (07/04), Ana Castela (12/04), Rayane and Rafaela (12/04), Simone Mendes (13/04) and Guilherme and Santiago (14/04).


There will also be a ShowPec Lecture Circuit on various topics such as: Livestock market, management and politics; Beef chain inside and outside the gate; Good Agricultural Practices; Crisis or opportunity in the livestock cycle; Heritage and rural succession; Biodigesters for dairy farming; Lockdown; Reproduction and precocity; Genetical enhancement; Nutrition; Health and Menejo; and Data management.


The fair organization defined two types of tickets: one that gives access only to the fair, at R$20, and another, for those going to see the shows, which will vary from R$100 to around R$600, for boxes, The price varies depending on the attraction, and will also allow you to move around the exhibition. Access to the exhibition will be charged on Fridays and Saturdays. Tickets can be purchased via the link or at A Banca barbershops in the Capital.

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