Idaf technicians bring knowledge about combating moniliasis to public school students –


The State government, through the Institute of Agricultural and Forestry Defense (Idaf/AC), is promoting health education actions in public schools, essentially in rural areas throughout the state, with lectures given by technicians from the agency on moniliasis.

The Idaf na Escola project is part of the National Health Education Program (Proesa) of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (Mapa), and has been developed in schools since 2022, with the main objective of taking the actions carried out by the institution to the community, such as a way to educate and raise awareness.

Educational action at the Zuleide Pereira de Souza state school. Photo: Luã Garcia

According to the teacher at the state school Zuleide Pereira de Souza, Valter Vicente, the presence of public bodies in educational institutions with topics that are generally not covered is necessary.

“It is important that students have access to knowledge of what moniliasis is, how to combat it and who we should look for, since most of them have both cupuaçu and cocoa in their backyards”, highlights the professor.

The program is carried out by all Acre regions, in elementary education I and II. It has already reached around 10 thousand children throughout Acre, raising awareness of the importance of taking information to their parents, who are generally producers.


Moniliasis is a disease caused by the fungus Moniliophthora roreri, which affects cocoa, cupuaçu, cocoaí and cupuí fruits. Its main symptoms are the formation of a large amount of white powder on the fruit.

The goal is to visit all the regions, mainly in the cities of Cruzeiro do Sul and Mâncio Lima. Photo: Luã Garcia

“The Idaf project at school is a seed for a conscious society, which knows what agricultural defense is, and which helps us in the production of safe food and guaranteeing a market for the producer, reports Sandra Teixeira, head of the Communication Division in Health.

The goal is to cover all regions, mainly in the cities of Cruzeiro do Sul and Mâncio Lima, which are the cities where the disease occurs.

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