After redistribution, cities in Bahia begin receiving dengue vaccines this Tuesday

After redistribution, cities in Bahia begin receiving dengue vaccines this Tuesday
After redistribution, cities in Bahia begin receiving dengue vaccines this Tuesday

The approximately 15 thousand doses of dengue vaccine that are being redistributed begin to arrive in municipalities this Tuesday (2). The logistics work was started by the State Health Department (Sesab) on Monday (1st), after an agreement made at the meeting of the Bipartite Intermanagers Commission (CIB), an entity that brings together municipal and state health managers. The transport of vaccines is being carried out with the support of the Military Police Air Group and the Military House.

The municipalities of Vitória da Conquista, Serrinha, Jacaraci, Caetité, Barra do Choça, Teixeira de Freitas, Morro do Chapéu, Piripá, Macaúbas and Bonito were selected to receive the relocated doses. The criteria defined for these municipalities to be selected were defined by the Ministry of Health, which considered the number of absolute probable cases reported in 2024.

“We are working to ensure that vaccines reach municipalities as quickly as possible. The batch of these immunizers is valid until April 30th. We don’t want any vaccine to be lost”, says State Health Secretary, Roberta Santana.

The head of the department reinforces the importance of parents and guardians taking children and adolescents to vaccination stations. “The target audience continues to be 10 to 14 years old, the age group that most frequently suffered hospitalization due to the disease according to studies”, she highlights.

As of this Monday, 93,688 doses of the dengue vaccine had been administered to children and adolescents in Bahia.

Victory of Conquest – 6,670
Serrinha – 1,555
Jacaraci – 220
Caetité – 903
Barra do Choça – 672
Teixeira de Freitas – 3,251
Morro do Chapéu -710
Piripa – 125
Macaúbas – 873
Beautiful – 349

In total, in Bahia, 95,890 probable cases of the disease were reported until March 30, 2024, recording an Incidence Coefficient (IC) of 678.1 cases/100,000 inhabitants. In the same period of 2023, 15,070 probable cases were reported, which represents an increase of 536.6%. In total, 275 municipalities in Bahia are in a state of Dengue epidemic. Another 56 are at risk and 16 on alert.

Bahia has a fatality rate of 1.5, lower than the national average. In total, 27 deaths from dengue were confirmed in the municipalities of Vitória da Conquista (7), Jacaraci (4), Piripá (3), Feira de Santana (2), Juazeiro (2), Santo Antônio de Jesus (2), Barra do Choça (1), Caetité (1), Campo Formoso (1), Carinhanha (1), Ibiassucê (1), Irecê (1) and Santo Estevão (1).

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