MS records a 3.7% increase in the number of income tax declarations submitted in the period – Economy

MS records a 3.7% increase in the number of income tax declarations submitted in the period – Economy
MS records a 3.7% increase in the number of income tax declarations submitted in the period – Economy

Application “My Income Tax”, from the Federal Revenue, opened on the cell phone (Photo: Archive/Agência Brasil)

Until 3 pm this Tuesday (2), the Federal Revenue Service in Mato Grosso do Sul registered the delivery of 140 thousand IRPF (Individual Income Tax) 2024 declarations. This number represents an increase of 3.7% in compared to the same period of the previous year, when 135 thousand documents were delivered. The deadline for delivery started on March 15th and runs until May 31st.

According to the data, declarations made in Mato Grosso do Sul correspond, on average, to a share between 1.42% and 1.44% of the national volume. The leading state in terms of number of declarations is São Paulo, contributing 30% to 31% of the national total.

The Federal Revenue delegate in Campo Grande, Zumilson Custódio da Silva, positively evaluates the pace of delivery of declarations, however, he appeals to taxpayers not to delay sending their documents in the last few days of the deadline.

“We no longer face congestion problems in the system, but it is important that people declare as soon as possible. Sending the declaration earlier also means having priority in releasing the refund”, he explains.

Rules – Across Brazil, the expectation is that 43 million people will submit declarations by the end of April. In 2023, 41.1 million declarations were sent. Check out the rules for income tax in 2024:

Who has to declare

  • Received taxable income greater than R$30,639.90 in 2023. The value is higher than in 2022, when it was R$28,559.70;
  • Last year, you received exempt income, non-taxable or taxed exclusively at source, in excess of R$200,000. Examples are inheritances and donations. This value was R$40 thousand in the previous year;
  • Received capital from the sale of assets or rights subject to tax in any month of 2023;
  • In 2023, it sold on stock, commodity, futures and similar exchanges and obtained a return greater than R$40 thousand;
  • Earned gross revenue from rural activity worth more than R$153,199.50 in 2023. In the previous year, it was R$142,798.50;
  • In 2023, he began to have possession or ownership of goods or rights with a total value greater than R$800 thousand. In 2022, it was R$300 thousand.

Lots of refund

  • 1st batch: May 31st;
  • 2nd batch: June 28th;
  • 3rd batch: July 31st;
  • 4th batch: August 30th;
  • 5th and final batch: September 30th.

Elderly people, people with serious illnesses and disabled people will have priority in receiving the refund.


  • There will be identification of cryptoactives, virtual currencies such as bitcoin, for example;
  • Sports, reforestation may receive donations and there will be a return from Pronon (National Program to Support Cancer Care) and Pronas/PCD (National Program to Support Health Care for People with Disabilities);
  • The “feeding” tab will be included to detail pension payments for children and dependents;
  • Those who do not reside in the country must indicate the date of return;
  • There will be identification of goods abroad.

Destination – Delegate Zumilson reinforces the importance of allocating up to 6% of the tax calculated in the declaration to the funds for Children and Adolescents and the Elderly. He clarifies that the campaign is not about requesting donations, but rather about allocations, as the resources will be transferred from the National Treasury directly to the funds, at no cost to taxpayers.

Zumilson Custódio da Silva, Federal Revenue officer in Campo Grande (Photo: Disclosure)

“Those who make the allocation will have the amount back. This is what we are trying to explain to taxpayers. If there is tax to be refunded, the amount will be returned together with the refund; if the balance of the tax is to be paid, the amount will be deducted from the single quota or installments”, he explains.

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