Campaign brings together advertising giants in Mato Grosso

Campaign brings together advertising giants in Mato Grosso
Campaign brings together advertising giants in Mato Grosso

More than 50 advertising professionals from Mato Grosso, including leaders and representatives of communication vehicles, participated in the Campaign for Investments in Communication. The meeting was promoted by the Union of Advertising Agencies of Mato Grosso (Sinapro-MT), and its main objective was to present the Reference List of Internal Costs and the 3% Market Activation Campaign.

The initiative aims to boost companies’ revenue for investments in communication. According to the president of the Union, Cláudio Cordeiro, the campaign of up to 3% aims to boost the market, encouraging agencies to request that vehicles allocate this share to the sector. “It’s a portion that may seem small, but it represents a gigantic impact on results,” he highlighted.

The commercial manager of TV Vila Real, Amilton Botto, praised the event and highlighted the importance of bringing agencies and vehicles closer together. “This initiative led by Cláudio at the head of Senapro is fantastic, there should be more events in this sense of bringing the agencies together”.

Tribute to the pioneers of advertising in Cuiabá

During the event, Sinapro paid tribute to the three pioneers of advertising in Cuiabá, namely João Pedro, Mauro Cid and Geraldo Gonçalves. Everyone received certificates in recognition of their services to communication.

João Pedro, founder of the first advertising agency in Mato Grosso, JPM, and CEO of the RDM-Rede de Mídias Brasil group, expressed his happiness. “A good initiative by Claudio to pay homage to the old guard of advertising in Mato Grosso, I am very happy with this tribute.”

Geraldo Gonçalves, founder of Z 8 Publicidade, was also happy. This tribute made me proud. I am proud to be part of the founder of the history of advertising in Mato Grosso”.

The also honored Mauro Cid, considered the father of Mato Grosso propaganda, congratulated Sinapro’s initiative. This motion means that we have managed to overcome the barrier of advertising and advertising. I believe that Mato Grosso’s propaganda is one of the best we have.

For Cláudio Cordeiro, president of Sinapro, honoring these pioneers is a way of recognizing the hard work that contributed to the development of advertising in Mato Grosso.

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