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James Rodríguez requested to return to the Tricolor Paulista squad and is still experiencing internal problems

Beatriz Ojeda
on 04/02/2024 17:15 – Updated 5 seconds ago

James Rodríguez in the match between SPFC x Ituano (Credits: Rubens Chiri/

After being SPFC’s biggest signing in 2023 and not establishing himself, James Rodríguez had an impasse with the board to terminate his contract. Afterwards, the Colombian attacking midfielder regretted it and asked to be added to the squad. Currently as a reserve, despite requests for ownership from fans, the player is reportedly experiencing a tense moment in the locker room and Neto predicts what the athlete’s future will be like.

Neto projects James Rodríguez’s future at SPFC

During the program Os Donos da Bola, presenter Neto analyzed the midfielder’s situation with São Paulo. Despite being a starter in the recent training game against Atlético Mogi, the former player believes that there is still no chance for James Rodríguez to start. In the expert’s opinion, despite having a guaranteed place in the Colombian team, he has not yet earned that space in Thiago Carpini’s squad.

Craque Neto was emphatic, stating: “I think this guy is still going to give São Paulo so much grief. He’s not a player for me, I think he’s a disruptive guy. He’s a guy that nobody likes there. He’s a guy who doesn’t train, he’s a guy who doesn’t make any kind of effort to wear São Paulo’s incredible shirt and I don’t know what legacy this guy will leave.”

In the presenter’s opinion, he believes it could be a “very bad” legacy. In fact, Neto points out that Carpini has a chance of losing his own job because of the player. And he added: “What’s up, Muricy? Milton Cruz? Marry? You have to understand this game he is playing. Do you know what he does? It’s the game he plays in the Colombian team, he plays half-time, he’s good and he leaves you in this situation and in a little while he’ll leave, he’ll deceive everyone.”

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