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In the first phase of the program in 2024 there will be 3,500, registrations for which have already started and remain open until 11:59 pm on the 20th; the others will be made available by the end of the year

Published on April 2, 2024 at 1:36 pm

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National Driving License, offered free of charge in ES under the so-called CNH Social. (Marcello Casal JrAgência Brasil)

The government of Espírito Santo launched, this Tuesday (2), another edition of the CNH Social program, through the Espírito Santo State Traffic Department (Detran|ES). There will be 7,000 free driver’s licenses in 2024 for the entire State, with vacancies divided into two phases throughout the year.

Registration for the first phase, with 3,500 places, has already started and remains open until 11:59 pm on April 20, 2024, exclusively on the official Detran|ES website, The vacancies are to obtain the first license in categories A (motorcycle) or B (car); and, for those who are already qualified, the addition of category A or B and the change to category D (van, minibus, bus) or E (truck and trailer).

The list of names of those selected in the program will be published on May 6th, at 12pm, on the Detran|ES website.

Vacancies for ex-prisoners

This year, in addition to 5% of the vacancies reserved for Persons with Disabilities (PCD), 8% of the vacancies will also be allocated to those released from the prison system through Technical Cooperation signed between Detran|ES and the Secretariat of Justice (Sejus) . If these reserved vacancies are not filled, the vacant number will be reverted to broad competition.

“CNH Social is a program that makes me very happy. A program that provides opportunities to people who need them most. This is the reason the public service exists. We want a State that is efficient, that has good public policies and CNH Social is a program that reduces inequality. How many people would like to have a driver’s license to work, but are unable to afford these costs. That’s why it’s great to see how many people got a job after obtaining their driver’s license through the program”, said the governor of Espírito Santo, Renato Casagrande.

New opportunity

Candidates who are not selected on this list will also have a new opportunity to be included in the single call for substitutes, which will be announced on July 8th, starting at 12pm, also on the Detran|ES website. The list of substitutes aims to offer unfilled vacancies after disqualification of candidates selected on the first list who do not respect the deadlines established in the qualification process. Recipients must pay attention to the deadlines, registration and stages of the qualification process.


To register, the interested party must access the website, click on the ‘CNH Social’ program banner or button on the main page and enter the requested personal information. All data provided must accurately match the information contained in CadÚnico.

Active registrations in the Single Registry for Social Programs of the Federal Government will be considered those launched in the National Registration Base until February 9, 2024.

The candidate must also select the desired category, among the following options: First License category A (motorcycle) or First License B (car) for those who are not yet qualified. Anyone who already has a driver’s license can select Add Category A (motorcycle), Add Category B (car), Change to Category D (e.g.: van and bus) or Change to Category E (e.g.: truck and trailer). It is worth noting that, after registration, it is not possible to change the chosen category.

Places are distributed as follows: 40% for the first qualification (A or B); 20% for Category A or B Addition; and 40% for Changing Category D or E. The objective is to focus on professional training, aiming to provide drivers with opportunities to enter the job market and increase employability.

Registration of graduates

To enroll, graduates of the prison system must be duly registered with the Department of Justice (Sejus), through the Social Office, and meet the requirements set out in the program notice. In total, there are 270 vacancies allocated to this audience.

Expression of interest in vacancies must be made by the interested party to Sejus, which will send the list of candidates to Detran|ES. Graduates will be selected up to a limit of 8% of the vacancies that will be available for the specific segment. In case of vacancy in the reserved places, these will be reverted to the broad competition.

“It is an initiative that generates citizenship and opens doors to the job market. The moment of leaving prison is one of vulnerability and when we encourage new beginnings, such as the opportunity to obtain a driver’s license, we also promote the transformation of lives. This support network offered to graduates is extremely important for social reintegration and the reduction of criminal recidivism”, commented the Secretary of State for Justice, Rafael Pacheco.

The selection of candidates is carried out electronically, without human interference, in accordance with the program criteria and based on the information provided by the beneficiaries themselves in the Single Registry for Social Programs of the Federal Government (CadÚnico), considering the following criteria: lower income per capita; greater number of members in the family group; candidates with complete primary education; beneficiary of Bolsa Família; and date and time of registration.

Candidates selected in the CNH Social Program complete the entire qualification process until obtaining their driver’s license free of charge. The beneficiary is entitled to the following procedures: biometric capture at the Detran|ES branch; medical and psychological examinations in a clinic accredited by Detran|ES; a toxicological test for categories D or E in a laboratory accredited by the National Traffic Secretariat (Senatran); 20 Theoretical and practical classes at the driving school; three failures, whether in the theoretical or practical test; two extra classes (in case of failure in the practical test, only the candidate who did not fail the theoretical test will be entitled). In case of absence, the candidate must pay the test rescheduling fee and the fees charged by the driving school.


In addition to the qualification, beneficiaries who had their last driver’s license issued with the CNH Social benefit will also be able to go through the training stage, which offers specialized and updating courses for professional drivers with the aim of training and qualifying drivers in order to professionalize them, increasing, thus, employability.

The following specialized courses are offered: transportation of dangerous products, school transportation, passenger transportation, indivisible cargo transportation and transportation of emergency vehicles, motorcycle taxis or motorcycle freight. Accredited companies that offer professional courses are available here. The driver must appear, in person, at an accredited company to register for the course of their choice.

To enroll in a Specialized Course for Professionals, you must have had your last driver’s license issued with the CNH Social benefit; be over 21 years old; have a valid driving license; not have committed any serious or very serious infraction or be a repeat offender of medium infractions during the last 12 months; and not serving a sentence of suspension of the right to drive or revocation of the driver’s license.

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