Digital Inclusion Points will be opened in six cities

Digital Inclusion Points will be opened in six cities
Digital Inclusion Points will be opened in six cities

Digital Inclusion Points will be opened in six cities in Maranhão. (Photo: Reproduction)

MARANHÃO – New Digital Inclusion Points (PIDs) will be opened in the cities of Cidelândia, São Pedro da Água Branca, Açailândia, Itinga do Maranhão, Amarante do Maranhão and Montes Altos. The spaces will be delivered between April 3rd and 5th.

PIDs are characterized as rooms or spaces that allow, appropriately and simultaneously for more than one branch of the Judiciary, the performance of procedural acts, in accordance with Resolution 508/2023, of the National Council of Justice.

These include testimonies from parties, witnesses and other Justice collaborators, via videoconferencing system, as well as service through the Virtual Counter, established by CNJ Resolution no. 372/2021. In places, there is still the possibility of including other public services aimed at citizenship.

In Cidelândia, the inauguration of the new PID, located on Avenida 15 de Novembro, next to the Municipal Hospital, will take place this Wednesday (3), at 8 pm. On Thursday (4), the PID São Pedro da Água Branca will be delivered at 10:30 am, at Rua Gonçalves Dias, 975, close to the church square and the Bradesco branch.

On the same day, the PIDs of Itinga do Maranhão will also be inaugurated, at the Citizen Service Center (NAC), on Rua Duque de Caxias, 168, at 3:30 pm; and Açailândia, located on Rua Bonaire no. 422, next to Santa Maria Supermercado, at 6:30 pm.

On Friday (5), it’s the turn of PID Amarante do Maranhão, on Humberto De Campos street, close to SESP, at 11:05 am; and PID Montes Altos, on Fabricio Ferraz street, in the Education Department building (in front of the city registry office), at 4pm.

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