Mother and son who ordered the death at Shopping Popular are arrested in Mato Grosso do Sul

Mother and son who ordered the death at Shopping Popular are arrested in Mato Grosso do Sul
Mother and son who ordered the death at Shopping Popular are arrested in Mato Grosso do Sul


Mother and son, investigated as those responsible for the murder of a merchant at Shopping Popular, in Cuiabá, last year, were arrested this Tuesday morning (2) in Campo Grande (MS). On that occasion, a second victim was hit by the shot fired by the executioner.

According to police chief Nilson André Farias, who coordinates the investigations, the mother and son were arrested, who hired Silvio Junior Peixoto to kill the 43-year-old businessman Gersino Rosa dos Santos. The other victim, 27-year-old Cleyton de Oliveira de Souza Paulino, was hit at the time of the execution, by the same shot. The crimes occurred on November 23rd of last year, inside the Shopping Popular de Cuiabá.

Days before the double homicide occurred, the mastermind’s son, Girlei Silva da Silva, aged 31, known by the nickname ‘Maranhão’, was killed in the Santa Laura neighborhood, in Cuiabá. The victim’s family said that Maranhão’s death was ordered by Gersino Rosa and so they decided to kill the merchant in revenge.

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The woman, JBS, and her son, WBS, aged 31, were arrested by the DHPP team in Cuiabá, with the support of Garra from the Civil Police of Mato Grosso do Sul. Both were taken to a police station in Campo Grande, where they will be interrogated , and then presented at a custody hearing by the Judiciary of Mato Grosso do Sul. The return of mother and son to Cuiabá is expected to take place later this week.

At the targets’ address, civil police officers discovered three firearms, two 38-caliber revolvers and a 9 mm pistol, which is probably the weapon used in the shopping mall homicides. A fourth weapon, lethal and in the shape of a pen, was also seized from those investigated. All material will undergo forensic examination, including ballistic confrontation.

Police chief Nilson Farias also added that the principals went to Uberlândia, where they hired the executor, whom they already knew before, and then supported his coming to Cuiabá to carry out the murder of Gersino Rosa.

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