Tribuna do Vale / Santa Catarina / Agricultural leaders from SC point out suggestions for the Harvest Plan


The Secretary of Agricultural Policy at Mapa (Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply), Neri Geller, visited Santa Catarina for a meeting at the State Secretariat of Agriculture and Livestock this Monday (1st).

The Secretary of State for Agriculture, Valdir Colatto, was present on the occasion, along with representatives of local agricultural cooperatives and federations. The reason for the meeting was to allow the agricultural sector in Santa Catarina to contribute with suggestions for the preparation of the 2024/2025 Harvest Plan, which should be defined in May and implemented in the second half of this year.

A document was prepared, in which some suggestions to solve the problems faced by the sector were presented by Secretary Colatto, including reducing the cost of production and increasing access to credit and agricultural insurance.

“The Harvest Plan that is being studied is crucial to be streamlined, even for the farmer to be able to make decisions at such a challenging time in agriculture, considering prices, the climate and the market”, he reports. “The Secretary of Agricultural Policy certainly listened to Santa Catarina’s demands, understanding everything we face daily and the State’s model.”

Priorities for the Safra Plan

Colatto lists some priorities suggested at the meeting. “It is clear that we need to look for cheaper credit because farmers cannot bear high interest rates, we have to work hard on agricultural insurance to see if there is a partnership between State insurance and national insurance so that we can provide guarantees and security for our farmers to work. ”, he quotes.

He also adds when talking about storage and infrastructure. “The farmer needs to have quality energy, internet, good roads, bringing good structures to the interior and all of this depends on credit and credit that is compatible with the reality of the farmer in Santa Catarina”, adds Colatto.

According to Secretary Geller, listening to the sector’s demands is necessary and important, but it is also necessary to listen to the difficulties faced by the ministry, including budgetary ones.

“It is essential to take the actions of the Ministry of Agriculture to the center of discussions and consider the sector’s requirements. We left this meeting with significant demands, the main one being the issue of credit. It is crucial to not only listen to these needs, but also work to find solutions while recognizing and addressing current budget difficulties. We want to move forward and it is an obligation of the federal government and it is also an obligation of the National Congress to help with the budget so that we can make appropriate policies for the sector that is so important for the Brazilian economy”, he declares.

Source: Valeska Loureiro / ND+

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