Student attacks colleague with stones inside school in Rio de Janeiro

Student attacks colleague with stones inside school in Rio de Janeiro
Student attacks colleague with stones inside school in Rio de Janeiro

A 13-year-old boy was attacked by a colleague inside Faetec in Marechal Hermes, in Rio de Janeiro, while playing volleyball. The girl attacked him with a rock. The victim required medical attention.

Girl used a rock to attack a 13-year-old student in Rio

Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo

A 13-year-old boy was attacked by a colleague inside the Marechal Hermes Technical School Support Foundation (Faetec), in the north of Rio de Janeiro, while playing volleyball. The girl used a rock to hit him on the head. According to his family, he had already suffered another attack and also bullying within the institution.

The case occurred on the 25th, but gained repercussions this week. In the images broadcast by Globo Rio, it is possible to see the girl hitting Arthur Schuidt, who is in 8th grade, on the head several times.

The confusion allegedly started when he and other students were playing volleyball, and the ball hit the student. She wouldn’t have liked it and the two fought. According to the victim’s mother, Danielle Schuidt, the gang separated the two, but the girl returned with a rock and attacked her son. Once again, it was the group of students who ended the attacks.

“He was really hurt and there was no one there to give him support. The students themselves who separated him got him out of that situation, because if it weren’t for the students, I don’t know what would happen. It was going to be something much more serious, much more serious,” he told the broadcaster.

Danielle reinforces that there was no school employee to break up the fight, and that the inspector only accompanies the students to the cafeteria, but not around the campus. “I questioned this, and it was said that the security guards here are patrimonial, there is no one to take care of these children on campus. These are lives, it is our children that we leave here and we don’t know how they will receive come back”, he says.

After the attack, Arthur was taken to the Emergency Care Unit (UPA) in Marechal Hermes, and then taken to a private hospital in the city. He needed stitches in his head due to the injury. The girl was transferred from Faetec.

“At other times there has been aggression from him too, a lot of bullying happening to him. The school welcomed me, welcomed my son. I am an atypical mother, I do everything for my son, the school provided this support, but awareness has to come from many other areas. The school has done as much as the management can do. What’s missing here is a monitor on this campus, looking out for these children”, he highlights.

In a note to EarthFaetec reported that the two students involved in the incident are assisted by the unit’s Multifunctional Resources Room, which offers specialized educational assistance to students with disabilities or disorders.

“The unit informs that the situation was immediately forwarded to Faetec’s Social Service and the region’s Guardianship Council and is being monitored by the school’s educational guidance team. After transferring the student to another unit, Faetec took the opportunity to enhance with those responsible the need to follow, as advised, the treatment recommended by the network’s specialists”, says the position.

Faetec also claims that all bullying complaints were investigated and those responsible were summoned, and there was conciliation between the parties involved. “The school has been working on the topic of human relations through pedagogical activities, such as holding conversation circles with students and making posters, always reinforcing respectful and inclusive conduct.”

Arthur has already resumed classes and receives educational guidance and assistance from the school’s team of special education specialists, according to the institution. To prevent more situations like this from occurring, the unit will relocate guards to reinforce security in the unit.

In the report, the Civil Police reported that the case was registered at the 30th DP (Marechal Hermes) and efforts are underway to clarify all the facts.

Source: Redação Terra

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